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EAT & DRINK Friday, 28 October 2016

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Food is the thing that makes Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon special. Although Saigon doesn’t have its own food, with its own method, every dish is delicious in its own way.

Banh mi

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Banh mi was brought into Vietnam by France, banh mi has been the culture of Saigon and “banh mi” was brought into Oxford dictionary. Even you are Vietnamese or foreigners, you have to try banh mi once when visiting Ho Chi Minh City. Banh mi is sold from morning to late at night, on the street, in small lanes and even in restaurants.

Recommended address: Banh mi Huynh Hoa on Le Thi Rieng St, banh mi Nhu Lan on Ham Nghi St, Banh mi Le Van Si St…or any banh mi stalls on the streets.


10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Like banh mi, snail is also the culture of Saigon people and very easy to find. A snail stall has so many types of snails with different recipes, you can try hundreds of dishes from snail.

Recommended addresses: Oc Dao (Cong Quynh), Phi Long snail (Truong Dinh), Loan Tren snail (Vinh Hoi, Ward 4)…

Fish hot pot

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Fish hot pot and dishes made from fish are the best things that you can’t miss when visiting Saigon. The fish is cooked with different recipes. And there is nothing better than having fish hot pot in cold days with your friends.

Recommended addresses: hot pot stalls in Ward 3.

Fish sauce vermicelli – fish sauce hot pot

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Fish sauce hot pot is the most delicious in the West of Vietnam. If you don’t have time, you can try this dish in Saigon and remember to eat in Vinh Hoi, Ward 4.

Beef with 7 dishes

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Another dish from the West of Vietnam but nowadays, there are only 7 dishes in Saigon: beef with vinegar, rolled beef,…If you want to enjoy 7 of these dishes, you can visit Pagolac on Tran Hung Dao St (Ward 5).

Banh xeo (pancake)

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Rolled food is the special dishes of Vietnam. The crust is so crunchy with coconut smell eaten with herbs and mixed fish sauce.

Recommended addresses: banh xeo Dinh Cong Trang, Co Ba Vung Tau ( Cong Quynh St or Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St), An la ghien (Nguyen Van Troi St), Banh xeo Muoi Xiem (Nam Ki Khoi Nghia St).

Trang Bang rice paper

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

This is the special dish of Tay Ninh people. Rice paper is eaten with boiled pork meat or beef with many kinds of herbs and mixed fish sauce.

You can try this dish in Hoang Ty restaurant franchises, Trang Bang rice paper on Nguyen Tri Phuong (Ward 5).


10 must-try dishes in Saigon

Noodles are the symbol of Vietnam and also Saigon. With the price of only 8-10.000 VND can you try a delicious bowl of noodles.

Recommended addresses: Noodle stall on Mac Thi Buoi St (Ward 1), Ton That Dam St (Ward 1), Hai Thuong Lan Ong (Ward 5), Pham Van Thai St (Tan Binh Ward)…

Sweet soup

10 must-try dishes in Saigon

This dish is especially for women. There are many kinds of fruits in the West of Vietnam so the price for a bowl of sweet soup is very cheap.

Recommended addresses: Le Hong sweet soup (Huynh Van Banh St), frappe stalls on Nguyen Trai St, Hue sweet soup…


10 must-try dishes in Saigon

These dishes are especially for men when drinking. Snacks are everywhere in Saigon, from restaurants to the pavements and the most famous stalls are in Phu Nhuan Ward, Ward 3, Ward 4…

Some dishes that you should try: grilled frog with pepper, grilled duck and dried shrimp…



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