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TRAVEL TIPS Monday, 31 August 2015

10 reasons for travelling in September

The summer ended but there are still more than one reason for you to take a trip.

1. Southern Europe - for sunshine at the end of the season


September is great time to go to the South. New scholastic begins, student go to shool and travel spots are not crowded. The cost also reduces. Mediterranean sea is ideal destination for you at this time. You can easily book hotel, restaurant and ticket. In order to be sure that the weather is warm, you should go to the south, such as: Cyprus, Costa del Sol Canaries...

2. Parties in Barcelona


Barcelona is the city of parties. However, at the end of summer, the parties are taken place more and they last in a week. If you go to Barcelona in September, you will have many choices, such as: concerts, the parade of the huge and the music in every where.

3. Rotterdam - cluture experience


With a lot  of museums and modern construction, Rotterdam is always a ideal destination for vistors. Besides, there are 2 special reasons for you to come here in September: culinary festival and exhibition of the most famous Vienna artists in 20th century - Oskar Kokoscha.

4. Singapore - Grand Prix racing


The most spectacular racing in Singapore will be taken place in September. The racing will be held in Marina Bay Street Circut.

5. Vencie - contemplating Leonardo da Vinci


From 1st September, the drawing of genius artist - Leonardo da Vinci will be displayed in museums and library in Vinci. Especially, there will be many works which were collected in many places will be shown.

6. Madrid - enjoying opera


The opera house in Madrid often start its Autunm with a masterpiece of Rossini - "Barbiere in Siviglia". The next are a lot of classic works such as: "Indian Queen" of Purcell and "Elixir of love" of Donizetti in Teatro Real. The price of a concert is from 7 to 300 Euro.

7. Munich - Oktoberfest beer fesstival


This festival is biggest beer festival in the world, it will held in September with parades of a lot of brand in German traditional custumes.

8. South Africa - seeing whales

ca voi

Hermanus, South Africa, is a greatest place to see the whales. Local people often hold Whales festival in every September to welcome the whales. You can come here and take part in many activities in the festival.

9. Scotland - Open Doors event


This event is held on every weekend in every Septemner. Visitors can freely visit the historic buildings, government buildings and romantic castles.

10. Ireland - enjoying oysters


Oysters and international seafood festival will taken places from September 27th to 29th. Tourists will have great time with many activities.



10 reasons for travelling in September and the posts related.