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10 reasons we love Singapore

Singapore has been described as a playground for the rich, and it's true that the small city-state does have certain sheen of wealth.There is also a vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters to discover.

10 reasons we love Singapore

Everyone loves to complain about Singapore- but you’re still here, aren’t you?

There are some very positive reasons why many are choosing to stay, rather than leave, the Little Red Dot.

It’s not just that Singapore is clean, green and safe.

And positivity doesn’t mean a cheesy, clinched campaign slogan or overstated accolades.

Day- to- day life in Singapore can be pretty good, even if you loath to admit it.

1. Efficiency

Singapore is extremely efficient when it comes to matters of business. Bureaucracy rarely keeps us waiting, and we appreciate that, unless you are waiting for a Permanent Resident application at the moment.

2. Late- night Singapore

Things start and finish late. For the early birds, this means it can be a little impossible to do chóe before 11a.m but it also means no queuing at popular spots.

At 8a.m you can have Orchard Road practically all to yourself. Morning are especially peaceful and calm, perfect for walking the dog, going for a long run and just soaking up the city in relative silence.

3. Anytime, anywhere

Singapore is still lively after the sun goes down. People are walking in the streets and shops are open for business.

When you’ve forgotten an anniversary or desperately needing a new outfit for an function the next day, long retail trading hours can be critical.

And if you still live with your parents, having multiple places to chill after hours is very useful indeed.

4. The small details matter

10 reasons we love Singapore

People take their take- away seriously. Hawker food may be fast, but there’s nothing slap- dash about it. The aunty at the stall will spend almost as long as the hawker himself packing your noodle soup (rejigging the plastic bag, navigating the container, and carefully placing the chili packet) so there is rarely any spillage.

Try ordering takeaway in other countries where they forget the chopsticks or the pizza arrives stuck to the lid and you’ll realize these small things matter, especially in the long run.

5. Cheap parking

Unlike many other countries, here you only pay around S$7 for the privilege of driving right up to the restaurant instead of driving in circles searching for a covered and secure car park.

Believe it or not, at Marina Bay Sands, the valet is free (yes, read it again, free) but you determine the gratuity.

It’s safe, it’s easy and it saves dealing with the Saturday night taxi debacle.

6. Reliable service

Hawker many be rude but they don’t judge the way fine dining staff might, especially at the 24- hour places.

7. Changi Airport

10 reasons we love Singapore

Without a doubt Changi Airport is the best airport in the world. The journey from the plane-to-cab is always within 15 minutes, including collecting your luggage, and with some fun sweets at customs on the way in.

8. Predictable weather

Singapore’s weather is decisive. When it rains, it rains properly. No lame drizzle and very few overcast, dreary days. It’s either bright sunshine and blaring heat, or pouring like the world is about to end. Either way, it’s always balmy and warm so it’s much easier to get dressed. The only complication is whether to bring an umbrella or not.

9. It is an easy city

Many things is simply solved in Singapore. This is a culture where people love to sit down, eat, talk and do nothing; and really, it is pretty awesome.

10. A multi- cultural city

10 reasons we love Singapore

In Singapore there’s folk from all walks of life, from all around the globe and all extremes of income. In one morning you can exchange a friendly banter with the cleaner at the office, share a coffee with your colleague form Malaysia, Japan, India or America and watch your boss roll into a meeting straight from his Lamborghini.



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