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TRAVEL TIPS Sapa Friday, 11 November 2016

10 things you should try when visiting Sa Pa

Coming to Sa Pa, you can try to conquer Fansipan Mount, contemplate the cloud sea and yellow terraced fields.

Climbing Fansipan

Conquering the roof of Indo-China is the dream of many people. It only takes a short time for cable cars to be available, if you like adventuring, what are you waiting for? Climbing Fansipan and contemplating the cloud sea with yellow terraced fields, such a wonderful experience!

Contemplating terraced fields

10 things you should try when visiting Sa Pa

Terraced fields in Sa Pa are honored to be the most fantastic terraced fields in the world. The Mother of Nature doesn’t only give this land beautiful scene, ideal climate but also dexterous people. Every year, together they make terraced fields becoming an art work.

Climbing Ham Rong, seeing Sa Pa from above

Seeing Sa Pa from a bungalow with the height of 1800m on Ham Rong Peak is an interesting experience that everyone should try. The streets, hotels and resorts become so small. You can also enjoy the colorful flowers at Thach Lam rocks.

Enjoying sunrise and sunset in Sa Pa

10 things you should try when visiting Sa Pa

You may feel slightly cold from the wind in early morning. It will be great with a warm cup of coffee in your hand, a plate of omelet beside and look out from the window. In late afternoon, when the sun goes down, Sa Pa is dyed with purple color, so romantic and a little blue.

Walking in Sa Pa

Sa Pa is one of the longest walking trips in the world. You will have to walk dozens of km, from morning to afternoon, through towns, villages, rice fields, small streams, bridges... Take it slow to watch and learn about the life, the culture of the local people. The famous destinations to go for a walk in Sa Pa are: Sa Pa old quarters, Cat Cat village,, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van, Ta Phin…

Spending the night in a local person’s house

Coming to Sa Pa, spending the night in a local person’s house and trying specialities are interesting experiences. Nowadays, homestay service has been developed.

Visiting Silver Fall and Love Fall

Silver Fall and Love Fall are far from the town center about 12km, on the way to Lai Chau. Coming to these two falls you will not only have the chance to contemplate but also listen to the legend of Love Fall where the seventh fairy came to meet the woodman.

Enjoying O Quy Ho Peak scene

On the way to Lai Chau, crossing Silver Fall and Love Fall, you will reach O Quy Ho Peak, one the four pasess of the North. On the peak of the pass, you can see the winding road connecting Lao Cai and Lai Chau, beside is Hoang Lien Son.

Trying Sa Pa specialities

10 things you should try when visiting Sa Pa

It would be a missing if you don’t try these dishes: salmon, stream fish, village pork… in the grilled stores at the town center. The climate in Sa Pa is very appropriate for hot pot, grilled food and sipping a cup of wine.

Exploring a Sa Pa without any tourist

If those experiences above can’t bring you interest, you can go to Thanh Kim, Nam Sai, Nam Cang village… There are no tourists, only you and the nature, forest, terraced fields and majestic Hoang Lien Son Mount. A peaceful Sa Pa is only far from the town center 2-30km, Muong Hoa valley.



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