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DESTINATIONS Hanoi Tuesday, 08 September 2015

36 hours experience in Hanoi of American reporter

Old quarter’s coffee, night market and Westlake walking were suggestions in schedule of a American female reporter when visiting Hanoi.

After more than a day enjoying and discovering Hanoi, Robyn Eckhardt wrote her feeling on American famous newspaper. With more than 15 years of living and enjoying Asian culinary, this reporter discovered Hanoi in some different sides.


17:00:  Drinking coffee in the Old quarter

Hanoi turns into rush hour with many lines of vehicle on the streets, which is the best time to drink a cup of coffee and see the city from the high place. The small shops which are on small corner and have balcony are ideal choices. Let’s try a cup of egg coffee with 20.000vnd to have some feelings.

Egg coffee in the Old quarter 

19:30: Having a dinner in No 37 traditional shop

Vietnam used to be in subsidy period and this shop’s space makes us remember about that time. A North style meal for 2 persons is 485.000 vnd. The shop was decorated by old items such as: military hats or oil lights…

A meal in No 37 trading shop

22:00: Dancing with the music

Located on a silent street of Hai Ba Trung district, CAMA ATK is a famous bar in Hanoi. There are international bands, DJs and many things here. A cocktail is about 150.000 vnd.

Besides, there is Madake bar which is next to Westlake. This is ideal place for going out with friends and drinking.  You will find everything here.


8:30: Enjoying street food

Beside noodle "pho", there are many other attractive foods in Hanoi. You can walk on street and find everything, such as: vermicelli, vermicelli with crab, ricepaper…. If you like Vietnam culinary art, let take part in a cooking class in Hanoi Cooking Center at 44 Chau Long street with the price of $59/person.

13:00: Visiting historic sites

Visiting Hoang Thanh Thang Long relic, you will have a chance to know more about city’s history. It was recognized as World Heritage Site in 2010 by UNESCO. This construction is babel and it crossed many period of history. Now this place is one of the most important relic in Vietnam.

15:00: Enjoying art space

Art space in Manzi

Located on a silent space between Old quarter and Westlake, Manzi is a charming destination in Hanoi with many kinds of activities, such as: exhibition, workshop, conference… You can also buy the art with suitable price. Let’s order a cup of espresso and enjoy Manzi’s space.

20:00: Having elegant dinner at Pots’n Pans

A meal for 2 person here costs 2,25 million vnd. However, this is still highly appreciated by the foreigners when they visit Vietnam. You will be served Western food cooked by professional chef and staffs.

22:30: Playing at Tadioto

Tadioto is an attractive bar with creative space. The customer coming here often order cocktail then chat with friends or see exhibition. They find out in Tadioto a warm and familiar feeling. The drink for 2 persons is about 250.00vnd


09:00: Having breakfast in Western restaurant

Hanoi Social Club becomes a good idea with nice space. A breakfast for 2 persons costs about 440.00vnd but it’s good. You can taste many dishes from many different countries.

11:00: Going around the Westlake

It will be very great if you have a cycle to ride around Westlake. You can rent a motorbike, cycle or electric car ( 400.000 vnd) to discover this lake. In that trip, you can try some food to make your trip more interesting. 



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