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7 attractive destinations in Vietnam

The beaches, clean tropical park in the year round, grand mountain, originality fishing village, special cuisine... are always interesting point attract traveller when come to Vietnam

1, Hanoi

Hanoi was voted one of most attractive destinations in Asian by Smart Travel Asia magazine. Hanoi has interesting point to attract domestic tourists and foreign tourists.


Roads overrun yellow leaf and the sunlight, Ao Dai of teener fly in the wind. Hanoi's Autumn is charming beauty that has not anywhere.

2, Sa Pa

Sa Pa

At the ideal height, the same Da Lat, Sa Pa is reviewed suitable of all tourism season in the year. Sa Pa is beautiful at all of four season. It hide in the clouds at all of the years so that is beautiful and wonderful. Come to Sapa, not only enjoy clean and fresh air, but also tourists can visit old villas of France, admire Bac waterfall is higher 100m, find out the lives of H'Mong people in the Cat Cat village, enjoy love market on the Saturday or climb up Cong Troi, San May to take photographs of city in the fog.

3, Ha Long Bay

Come to Ha Long Bay, tourists are admired a beauty spot forever and ever of one of most beautiful bays in Vietnam, where is made up of three factorial: stone, water and sky. With thousands of the big and small island rise up from blue turquoise water to make a giant picture. This is a favour of natural for Ha Long Bay that no where can be

Ha Long Bay

Rocky islands of Ha Long Bay are not boring, but that is lively world include: Ga Choi island, La Vong island, Dinh Huong island...Secret of these islands are beautiful caves with many legends magic as Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave, Sung Sot cave...make many peole curiuos.

When the sun is up, these islands grow up from wide water, tourists are seen beach with sunlight down and the silvery ripple moves across to the coast.

4, Cu Chi Tunnels

It 's about 70km from Cu Chi Tunnels to Ho Chi Minh city to the West North. This is where miniature fighting maps of Cu Chi's army and people  during the long war lasted 30 years against invaders. Cu Chi tunnels went into heroic history of the Vietnamese people like a legend of the 20th century and became a famous destination on the world

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels have 2 position: one is Ben Duoc tunnel and other one is Ben Dinh tunnel.

Today, Cu Chi tunnels is about 120km to be protect and become a interesting destination for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Tourists get to experience life underground tunnel like as people lived before.

5, Phu Quoc

Journey to Phu Quoc is to a tropical paradise in the provincial of Kien Giang. it 's a good choice for people love nature sea islands and would like to experience unforgetable moment with blue sea and white sand of the island where is named Dao Ngoc because of natural is plentiful.

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc have many beautiful beaches run throught from North to South. Phu Quoc have 99 hills and primary forest with rich flora and fauna. The South of island have 12 islands diffirent...this is a ideal place for activities as yacht, fishing, diving, explore desert island and picnic...

Long ago, Phu Quoc was become famous with domestic tourists and foreign tourists, not only because of Phu Quoc is beatiful island, but also this is where have many secret that is not anyone can explore.

6, Mekong river

Mekong river

This is a interesting destination because simplicity of river area. Come to Mekong, tourists will have opportunity to visit the floating markets, find out life on the river, listen to Don Ca Tai Tu...

7, Hoi An

Hoi An is old town where is famous destination in central Vietnam. Hoi An is like the sleeping princess and now it is awaked. This is like as a live museum of old town in Vietnam from 15th century, with the old houses is preserved almost intergrated.

Hoi An

However, Hoi An is not only attract tourist by history, culture or paradise shopping but also have beautiful natural with ideal resorts and beaches for couples on honeymoon.


Thuy Anh


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