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8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

Visiting Duc Ba Church, the city post office, free iced tea…are the things that make you love Saigon than ever.

Most of people think that Saigon is luxurious and crowded so you have to pay for everything you use. However, forget about that thing and look at these 8 free things.

Listening to music at the City Opera House

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

At 8h15 – 9h30 on every Saturday or Sunday, there is a music show being held in front of the City Opera House. You will have the chance to enjoy any kind of music or funny reality shows.

Iced tea on the pavement

In Saigon, this cool drink is nearly free in every simple stall. What’s more, there are even free boxes on the streets.

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

At the very begin, these boxes only appeared in some certain places but nowadays, they have been more and more on Ly Thai To St (Dist. 10), Vo Van Tan (Dist. 3)…Many poor workers, students and pupils come to enjoy free iced tea to forget about the hottest days.

Free food

One of the most impressive things in Saigon is that you can enjoy free fruit, jam before buying with friendly invitation.

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

You can walk around Ben Thanh market and taste dried fruit or jam without paying. Even when you don’t buy, the sellers still aren’t mad at you, they even give you a truthful smile. You can also bargain for the price.

City map

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

City map is a useful tool for Saigon exploring trip. You can get a city map at the hotel reception or Tan Son Nhat airport, the City post office… Use city map with guiding book and only searcher to enjoy the best trip ever.

Walking around Duc Ba Church

Duc Ba Church was built in 3 years and completed in 1880. Every material was brought into Vietnam from France. Nowadays, the construction still remains the ancient style and it is the most attractive destination in Ho Chi Minh City.

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

This is not only the familiar destination of the young of Saigon. Apart from sitting coffee, Turtle Lake, Duc Ba Church is the first destination for wedding photos. In every Sunday morning, seeing wedding couples will make you be peaceful in your soul.

Visiting the City Post Office

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

Located on the left of Duc Ba Church, the City Post Office is a free destination that most of tourists visit when visiting Saigon. Is the mixture of Europe and Asia style, City Post Office is the working place of the last hired letter writer of Vietnam.

Free hugs

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

Saigon is one the few places that still remains free hugs events, where you can give strangers the warmth without hesitating. Originated in foreign countries, this event is still new to most of everyone.

With just a hug and can you feel warmer and happier so why do you still hesitate?

5-star public WC

Available at 3 destinations: Tao Dan park, 23/9 park and Le Van Tam park, each of WC costs 800 – 1 billion with the total area of about 60m2 with the best facilities.

8 free interesting experiences in Saigon

The best service constructions sponsored by enterprises will make you feel Saigon is so impressive, friendly and hospitable.



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