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DESTINATIONS Hanoi Thursday, 10 September 2015

87 Ma May – ancient space in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

There is a originally ancient space in Hanoi.

Now when walking on Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the only way to find the antiquity is looking at 2nd floors because almost ground-floors are used as shops or restaurants. However, there is a Vietnam traditional house built at the end of 19th century still keeps it original beauty: the ancient house at 87 Ma May.

The 87 Ma May house
The 87 Ma May house

Located on a small street which is nearby Hang Bac street, the house charms visitors by its antiquity, simplicity and delicacy. The wooden house is preserved and it bears the Old Quarter’s representative construction that is the combination of living and trading space.

The fore room that is trading space is quite large. The inside has small skylight makes the house airier. This is a scientific arrangement which many modern houses don’t have.

 The house's trading space
 Inside the house
The adorn 

The skylight space is interesting point in the house with chessboard, trees, and table. The owner can talk, play chess with his friends or his family after a working day.

The skylight space
 The chessboard

The inside of ground floor was built to have producing place, kitchen and toilet. That rooms are small but they are still light and airy thanks to the suitable arrangement.

Inside the house

The next is bad room and women room. All of them show the classic and luxury beauty of people in the Old Quarter.

The women room

The 2 houses at 87 Ma May and 38 Hang Dao street are on the list of reconstituting the ancient houses at 990 years Thang Long – Hanoi anniversary. They became tourism spots to introduce visitors about Hanoi ancient constructions.


 Beside the unique architecture, the visitors are attracted by the silence, peace of the house, it differ from the outsides life. 

More details:

Add: 87 Ma May St, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00

Entrance fee: 10.000 - 20.000 vnd



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