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9 Airport Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Follow these tips and save time and make going from point A to point B a smooth and rewarding journey.

It used to be said that getting there was half the fun, but there are a lot of people waiting in line at the airport who would probably argue with that statement. Long security lines and crowded terminals have helped make air travel more stressful than in years past. Some airports have even begun offering therapy animals — including miniature horses — to help air travelers keep their cool. Although the sight of a tiny horse may bring a smile to your face while waiting through an otherwise-interminable security line, a better way to deal with airport stress may be to avoid it as much as possible. 

Being well prepared can do a lot to save you some time waiting at the airport, which can significantly reduce the amount of stress you experience while traveling. Seasoned travelers already know some of the little airport hacks that can make life easier while waiting for a flight. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of them, even if you only fly a couple of times a year. Using online check-in and having your airline’s mobile app on your phone can be great time-savers, but so can little details such as emptying your pockets before your turn at security screening or keeping your headphones in an easy-to-reach pocket of your bag. The following slideshow illustrates some of the most helpful airport hacks, so review them before your next trip to the airport.

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