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Activity in Mid-Autumn Moon Festival - Tet Trung Thu in Hanoi

Tet Trung Thu, as it is known in Vietnam, or the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival as we refer to it in America, is a wonderful, ancient festival that revolves around children.

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) dates back as far as 15-20,000 years ago in Southeast Asia, and is traditionally held on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. This year, the date of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is September 2, the same day as the full moon. The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is one of the two most popular festivals in Vietnam, and has been important to families in Vietnam for many years.

Besides some popular activities like lantern parade and dealing out a mid-autumn festival cake and fruit, you have chance to see the brightest moon in a year. In Hanoi, although the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month is main festival day, the air of Tet Trung Thu suffuses on every Hanoi streets.

1. Shopping

On the first days of 8th Lunar Month, many families have been preparing for the Tet Trung Thu, especially preparing mooncakes for their children.  

Tet Trung Thu is signalled by the appearance of stands selling banh trung thu, or mooncakes, all over Vietnam’s streets. These cakes are very rich and are filled with lotus seeds, ground beans, and an egg yolk, though there are other varieties. Mooncakes are the most important traditional food related to Tet Trung Thu, and they are massively popular.

moon cake

Besides mooncake stores like Kinh Do, Long Dinh, Huu Nghi, traditional mooncake stores also bring old spices for customers like Bao Phuong mooncake store on Thuy Khue street. You will have to queue to buy mooncake at the store. Around the old quarters, Ba Dan cake store is familiar with previous generations. Phuong Soat mooncake store( hang Chieu) and Ninh Huong ( hang Dieu) is also very famous.


Tet Trung Thu is an occasion which parents spend time and do something special  for their children. In Hanoi, they always go around Hang Ma street together and buy many colourful lanterns of different sizes with popular shapes like fishes, stares, butterflies and other shapes for their children.

2. Playing

Tet Trung Thu will have many interesting activities  taken place in Hanoi in this year. Three popular playing addresses are Hanoi old quarters, Giang Vo exhibition centre and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

làm đồ chơi

You can come to some relics on old quarters in order to see traditional Tet Trung Thu programs. If you want to make Vietnam traditional toys, visit Kim Ngan temple on Hang Bac street. At traditional house, 87 Ma May street, you will be introduced Dong Ho painting.

Like ideal choice for children in festival, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology will have the variety of lively activities to welcome Tet Trung Thu. The children and their family not only discover traditional culture but also take part in making traditional toys.

And at the Giang Vo exhibition centre, they also have programs like Lion dance, traditional dance and sing national song about our country, children and Tet Trung Thu. Moreover, you can also enjoy Vietnam customary foods which are brought from many countrysides. 


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