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American tourists’s experience of eating snake in Vietnam

Two American tourists ate snake when going to Vietnam. How did they feel?

Jonathan Look, 54 years old, is American photographer. He decided to change his life by the adventure around the world. He and his wife came to Vietnam last month, they decided to go to Mat Le village and have some experiences.

 Jonathan Look and his wife

It takes about 20 minutes   from Hanoi to Le Mat village where Mr. Look was told about very much. In his imagination, this village will be crowded with many tourists. However, it’s peaceful life made him very surprised.

It’s hard for him to find the way because there was no sign on street. But they finally came Mat Le by local’s help.

When coming to the house in which everywhere is snakes, he was attracted.

Cobras were caught and people cut their throat by a knife and then cooked them.

“When enjoying the meal, we were introduced two kind of liquid, one is red and the other is yellow and a dish which had snake’s heart and gall”, he said. The red one is Vietnamese wine was combined with snake’s blood. The yellow is the combination of wine and snake’s gall.

With the local’s guide, Jonathan Look dropped the hurt into white wine after contemplating it. “I slowly stood and drunk that pungent liquid while keeping the heart on my tongue to feel.”, he remembered.

Besides, the two American tourists also enjoyed many other dishes, such as: snake porridge, fried snake, brittle fried snake’s skin….

The dishes that two Ameriacn tourist were served 

After the meal, Mr.Look is full and dizzy. He said: “I seemed to forget about how they cook the dishes. I thinked I could hear snake’s sound when crossing garden and feel like it’s heartbeat in my chest.”


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