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DESTINATIONS Wednesday, 09 September 2015

An American journalist reveals twenty-one reasons she loves Vietnam

Alison Spiegel, American journalist, described Vietnam as a pretty country which makes her flutter and peace

As an editor in cuisine and travel of Huffington Post, Alison Spiegel gave many detail evidences to demonstrate that Vietnam is the top destination of travellers. Wonderful landscape, doughty history and bursting energy of Vietnam will awaken your senses. The below is her twenty-one reasons to consolidate for her opinion


She said to international friends that the most unique and interesting thing of Vietnam cuisine is street foods. When visiting to Vietnam, you should try eating “pho”, fish vermicelli, “bun cha”, etc. The best way to experience daily life in Vietnam is eating on the pavements or on the streets.


You need to learn the way to cross the street when you visiting Vietnam. Transportation is an unforgettable impression of tourists in Vietnam


Milk coffee is one of the drinks which is highly appreciated by foreign tourists


 After Ho Chi Minh city, Mekong river delta is also an attractive destination of foreign tourists. The most unique features is floating market and righteous local people, which make Vietnam so pretty in the eyes of international friends


 Tourists will be attracted by the magnificent beauty of famous natural caves such as Heaven cave- Thien Duong cave of Phong Nha- Ke bang cave system and Son Doong cave in Quang Binh province


 Vietnam markets also are an interest of foreign tourists


 Vietnam seafood is a wonderful thing for foreigners. A girl from Brooklyn, the US said that she is very impressive with shrimps, crabs, fishes sold in the market, which have just caught before some minutes


Like seafood, meat in Vietnam is appreciated. Alison Spiegel feels that it is very interesting when meat of cattle and poultry are sold in one day.


Nature has endowed Vitenam with a temperate climate and fertile soil, therefore in Vietnam there are many delicious vegetables and fruits


 Fresh and various fruits is also wonderful thing, which attracts foreign tourists to Vietnam




An American journalist reveals twenty-one reasons she loves Vietnam and the posts related.