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DESTINATIONS Son Doong Cave Monday, 31 August 2015

Ao Dai Viet Nam and proposal in Son Doong Cave

Wearing Ao Dai that she brought from America, Anne goes out the tent, surprise and a bit embarrassing because clap hands of porters with surprise of her boyfriend inside the Son Doong Cave

Anne Hong Vu, she is 34 years old, she is a Vietnamese American, she lives in San Francisco. Last April, she has a chance enjoy discovery Son Doong Cave with her boyfriend is Adrian Paul Diaconu, he is a Romania.  Travel bag of Anne , beside necessary things such as walking shoes, flashlight, insect sprays, she also carries Ao Dai to record moments of her in the world's largest cave.

Anne in tradition costume Vietnam

She said this idea is random because she want to make anything to introduce about Vietnam. Although growing up in San Jose, but Anne always feels proud of her origin. "in America, many people confused me is a Japanese Chinese, or Korean, but I always talk to them that I am a Vietnamese".

"My mother thought I was crazy when wearing Ao Dai in Son Doong Cave but also she was the first to support this decision" Anne sharing. After looking about beautiful images of Son Doong Cave on internet, she want to wear a Ao Dai with pink, blue or yellow.

But she thought again, Anne likes everything very simple and keep the beauty of natural of Son Doong Cave. First, she want to wear a white but it 's unsuitable with her ages. And finally, she chosen Ao Dai with roses sharp gray sparkling. "That is a perfect combine between Ao Dai and light in the Son Doong Cave" she said.

However, the third day of the trip, she felt exhausted and even she didn't want to wear because she was so tired. At this time, Adrian encourages her beacause he knows Anne really want to wear tradition costume before the trip

"It was about 6am, everyone woke up. When I put on Ao Dai and went out the tent, porters clap hands. That made me embarassing" Anne talk. This isn't the first time Anne wears Ao Dai, but this times make her impressive and memorable.

Anne also get a sweet surprise that Adrian give her in the Son Doong Cave. He used secret flashlight and exposure shooting techniques to record propose Anne when she was going with other visitors.

Adrian propose to Anne in the Son Doong Cave

"When we had come back the tent, he said he took photographs of stars and I should see. How surprised when I had opened camera, that had the words "marry me". And of course, I said yes" Anne said

This trip to Vietnam is the forth of Anne but it 's the first time of Adrian. "In 2014, I travelled with Adrian to London, then visited his family in Romania and made a tour from Serbia to Croatia and Slovenia. After the trip, I knew I have to take Adrian to Vietnam".

They come to Sai Gon, then arrive Dong Hoi to start journey. Before arrive Son Doong Cave, Anne and Adrian visited a few caves in Slovenia and Iceland. "However, this trip was so different because we discovered the largest cave in Vietnam and in the world. With experiences in Nepal and Machu Pichu, we went through hard trips, but Son Doong is still challenge with me". Anne sharing.

After Son Doong, they go to Phu Quoc, Cu Chi and My Tho. Anne said, she and Adrian intend to make the engagement style Viet in August and will organize a wedding in April next year in America. And the wedding in Romania will come in July 2016.


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