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EAT & DRINK Monday, 31 August 2015

Delicious food in Hanoi's lanes

They are some dishes that many people are favorite although their restaurants are in small lanes.

Fried sour meatball in Tam Thuong lane, Hang Manh street

Fried sour meatball in Tam Thuong lane

 This is small lane on Hang Bong street but there are more than 10 restaurants here in which sell this food. Beside fried sour meatball, you can order cucumber, mango, pachyrrhizus, trung cut lon, or fried potato. It become crowded from 5pm to night.

Vermicelli with snails and greaves in Mai Huong lane

Vermicelli is familiar with well sour soup but it becomes different when being used with greaves. Hence, Mai Huong's vermicelli with snails and greaves is not strange with many people.

Gleam with anabas in 107 Nguyen Chi Thanh

Gleam and anabas are seem like very different but when they combine in this dish, it become very delicious. Anabas is well cooked. It looks like salted shredded meat but very good taste.

Fruit beams in 36 lane, Le Thanh Nghi street

Fruit beams

 Talking about fruit beams, we have to talk about fruit beams on Le Thanh Nghi street. Depending what season, there will be suitable fruit. The fruit beams here is diversified with many kind of fruit, sụh as: water melon, mango, banana, strawberry... Moreover, its price is very suitabe for everyone.

Tao pho dau xanh in 105 lane, Bach Mai street

It is very delicious when greenbean and soybean conbine together. You will enjoye an other taste that different to the "tao pho" when being used with sugar or soymilk. This restaurant open in the morning and price is only 5.000vnd/one

Fried cake in 135 lane, Phuong Mai street

If only looking, the fried cakes here is not very special but when eating, you will feel the differ. It is the combination of many ingredients. The hot cakes are used with sweet sour sauce make great taste.

Boiled snail, 51 lane, Quoc tu Giam street

It is simply that boiled snails and sauce but many poeple come here to enjoy. Snails is fat and sauce is very good taste that make this combination very deliciuos. Besides, you can choose fried  yam, cut lon, mango...

Bun dau mam tom in Trang Tien lane

Bun dau mam tom

 This lane famous with many food for lunch, especially this dish. With good ingredients, this dish are cook very well that many people love it.

Sweetended porridge in Cho Dong Xuan lane.

This is only small lane but there are many noshes. There are also many kind of porridge here, such as: corn porridge, banana porridge, greenbean porridge, ... besides, it also have caremel, yourgut and many other drinks.

Cut lon xao me, 135 lane, Doi Can street

This favorite food of Southern people is also appropriated in Hanoi. This restaurant is quite crowde but the dish is always hot and good looking. This dish will be greater if it is enjoyed in the cool weather.



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