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Exchanging driving license service for foreigners

To legally drive in Vietnam, foreigners who work or study in Vietnam must follow procedure to exchange driving license.

Exchanging driving license service for foreigners

Procedure of exchanging driving license for foreigners




The origin of overseas driving license

Passport (photo)

Photo 3x4 (no more than 6 months)

Vietnam visa (photo)

Temporary resident card (if any)

Resident card (if any)

When exchanging driving license, drivers must bring the original passport.

Duration and fee to exchange driving license for foreigners

Type of service

Type of license

Working time


Exchanging driving license for foreigners

All types of license

1-3 weeks



  • By law, foreigners who stay in Vietnam more than 3 months can exchange driving license.
  • To exchange driving license, your license must be valid without being deleted, torn or unidentified.
  • You cannot exchange overseas temporary or international driving license.
  • In some cases, the profile to exchange driving license can be changed.
  • The fee depends on the type of license customers require.


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