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TRAVEL TIPS Phu Quoc Thursday, 27 August 2015

Experiences seft-travel to Phu Quoc Island

The perfect choice for holidays is to go to the beach. Phu Quoc Island is an interesting destination not to be missed in journey to explore.

Belong Kien Giang provincial, Phu Quoc is largest island to the West South in VietNam. It 's among 22 islands in the Thai Lan Bay. Day by day, Phu Quoc develop travel business, attract many tourist to visit and it's reallly worthy of paradise resort in Vietnam. And now, all of you guys see experiences below to have a Phu Quoc trip memorable.


The plane: currently, the major airline have allowed to open a lot of straight flight route from big cities to Phu Quoc on most days of the week. If you are seft-travel, you should hunt cheap tickets and pre-order a few months, so it save more up.

Phu Quoc is beautiful beach

 The bullet train: If you want to save money and limit the costs incurred unexpected, you should choose this method. Come Western Bus Station to buy ticket to Ha Tien or Rach Gia because of boating to Phu Quoc is be there. After arriving in Ha Tien or Rach Gia bus station, follow the transit bus take you to boat station to Phu Quoc. Currently, bullet train from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc or from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc have 2 famous company that is Hong Tam and Super Dong. Price of ticket range between 270.000vnd/turn to 300.000vnd/turn.

It 's many ways to go sightseeing Phu Quoc. You guys can advance booking tour contact with travel company at Phu Quoc, so they will pick you up when you come here, or you can go by taxi. Go sightseeing Phu Quoc by rent motorcycles is best idea because of you can discover anywhere that are less costly


Hotels in Phu Quoc are quite expensive, so staying in guesthouses will save more money for the trip. Some suggestions for guesthouses with affordable as Thien Vy with address 6 Ly Thuong Kiet, Phu Quoc(nearly Phu Quoc airport). Or Oc Dao, guesthouses nearly night market Dinh Cau.

There are some cheap hotels that you can choose as Kim Nam Phuong, Nhat Lan, Mai House, Beach Club, Hong Tuyet, Sea Breeze Hotel. Besides, if you prefer the convenience and comfortable and you don't care about money, you can refer luxury hotels and resorts


- Phu Quoc National Park is one of remaining intact primeval jungle in Vietnam. Walk along the forest trails, you will feel as lost between forest with tall tree, cheep and many animals lives here.

 Phu Quoc National Park

- Mui Ganh Dau is destination where can not miss when come to Phu Quoc. Mui Ganh Dau is seen as expanding fish's mouth while Phu Quoc Island is seen as big fish.

- Bai Dai is beautiful and wild beach. In 2008, Bai Dai is known by many domestic tourist and foreign tourist, it is voted one of most beautiful and wild beaches in the world.

- Ham Ninh fising village is a village nestle under the foot of Ham Ninh mountain. This is a old village with thatched roof, simple bamboo walls. The villagers make a living by catching pearl, see cucumber and fising. Nowadays, Ham Ninh is known with Bai Vong port, beautiful beaches and more see food.

- Dinh Cau is place where is selected to make a symbol for Phu Quoc Island, you will feel to fun when walk over 29 stone steps then arrive small temple worship of Cau Tai  - Cau Quy, who always protects for fishmen when they go to fishing

- Bai Sao: The sand of Bai Sao is not yellow as Nha Trang beach, or bold yellow as Vung Tau beach, it is white and smooth as cream. Bai Sao located among 2 mountain, brings a quite space and fresh air

- Phu Quoc prison is ranked histotic national level in 1993. Before, this prison had size of nearly 500 jail, and now just remain 4 intact jail with some gates, church door and stone floor... Many visitor came here where is named "hell on earth", to find out traumatic memories of the war.

Phu Quoc prison


First, you should try sea foods. Sea foods of Phu Quoc is products fresh and quite nultritious. Characteristic dish will make you hardly forget its taste.

Sea foods of Phu Quoc

Come to Phu Quoc, you must also try popular dish like Coi Bien Mai, Goi Ca Nhong, Goi Oc Giac, Ham Ninh Crab, Nam Tram soup, Sim Wine.


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