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TRAVEL TIPS Sapa Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Explore Sa Pa

Lao Cai is a highland province which is not only rich in natural resources but also famous for beautiful nature scenes like terraced fields, clouds and snow in winter, peach blossom in spring.

Sa Pa is a beautiful and romantic destination which is 1600m in height (from water level), far from Hanoi 370km, far from Lao Cai city 38km. the climate in Sa Pa in summer is very cool but in winter, it is very cold with the temperature reaches under 0 Celsius, sometimes there is snow. One day of Sa Pa has 4 seasons: spring and autumn in the morning, summer in the afternoon and winter in the evening. It will rain hard from May to August.

Explore Sa Pa

Sa Pa destinations

The ancient church

Explore Sa Pa

The ancient church is located in Sa Pa town and the most completed French architecture here. On every Saturday, the sound of bell is the sound calling all the boys and girls coming to love market. On Christmas, all the Catholics will come here to pray, sing and dance.

A Tuong Palace (Hoang Yen Chao Palace)

Explore Sa Pa

Located in Bac Ha district center, Lao Cai, A Tuong Palace was designed in the style of Asia and Europe.

Ham Rong Mount tourism

Explore Sa Pa

This is one of the most attractive destinations in Sa Pa. Coming to this place, you will have the chance to visit orchid garden 1, orchid garden 2, colorful flower carpets, gallery and cultural performances of ethnics; crossing “rock forest”, “sky gate”, “cloud hunting” to contemplate Sa Pa from above.

Muong Vi Cave complex

Explore Sa Pa

Muong Vi Cave complex has stalactites with plenty of shapes: Buddhist sitting in meditation, flying fairies, villages, terraced fields… When knock on the stalactites, they have the sound like lithophone of Highland.

Fansipan Mount

Explore Sa Pa

Many people want to conquer Fansipan Mount once in their lives. It would be such a pride if you reach the roof of Indo – China with the height of 3143m.

Other destinations: Mau, Thuong, Bao Ha Temple, Sapa ancient rocks, Silver Fall, cloud bridge, Ta Phin cave…

Culture – festivals

Love market

Explore Sa Pa

Is the unique culture of H’mong and Dao ethnics, love market is held on every Sunday but at Saturday night, the boys and the girls will come and meet, play games with each other. After the market night, many of them become couple and the lifemate of each other. That is the reason why they call this market as love market.

Village sweeping festival of Xa Pho ethnic

Xa Pho ethnic habitats in Nau and Nhay village of Yen Bai, this ethnic has various and diverse custom. Village sweeping festival is one of the biggest festivals which is very important to the local people.

Roong Pooc festival of Giay people

Held in January to the lunar year of Giay people in Ta Van (Sa Pa), Roong Pooc festival is the time for praying for abundant crops, convenient climate.

Other festivals: dance festival in Ta Chai, spring climbing mountain festival, Long Tong festival of Tay ethnic…

Specialties – cuisine

Explore Sa Pa

Sa Pa is not only famous for beautiful scenes but also delicious dishes, rare products and handicrafts.

Sa Pa attracts tourists with dishes: San Lung pork, wild apple wine, bacon, mustard greens, corn wine… and fruits: peach, plum, pear…

Means of transport

The train ticket from Hanoi to Sapa is from 150.000 to 240.000 VND/way. There are also slow trains with cheaper price. You can also hire motorbike to travel other famous destinations on the way to Sapa with the price of 100.000 – 120.000 VND/day/one.



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