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SEE Saturday, 14 November 2015

Famous festivals in US

American is famous for a lot of festivals. There are some famous festivals that you should not miss when travelling in US.

Chitlin Strut

This festival is held to honor the dish of fried pig’s stomach of Carolina people. Chitlin Strut has been taken place 48 times since it was created.

The festival was held in the first time with the aim to subscribe money for Christmas decorating.

Caterpillar festival

The festival is held in the North of Carolina. People take part in the festival and use the stripe caterpillar to forecast the temperature in the coming winter. The winner will be given 1.000USD. Besides, the people taking part in the festival will be tasted a lot of local dishes or experiences some traditional games.


Baltimore Installation Art Festival, Maryland

The festival is taken place on every 20th – 22nd July, it is the biggest festival in US also. Taking part in the festival, people will be enjoyed a lot of special activities, such as singing, dancing, opera, fashion show…

Sheep parade festival

The festival is held in Ketchum (the East if Boise city, Idaho state) to contemplate the annually parade of groups of sheeps. Besides, visitors can see the completion of sheepdogs, enjoy grilled sheep and listen to the music.

Minneapolis festival in Minnesota

This is a group of a lot of competitions, such as bowling, paper boat racing… there are many choices for you to play in this festival.



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