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DESTINATIONS Friday, 11 September 2015

Foreign tourists can only see seven interesting things in Vietnam

Happy Lifestyle Journal recently collects the shares of foreign tourists about the reasons why Vietnam is really a wonderful destination

1. Fascinating beautiful landscapes

Ha Long bay
Hoi An old quarter 

Vietnam has wonders granted world heritage such as Ha long bay, Cu Cham islands, Phong Nha- Ke Bang cave and Hoi An old quarters. The attractive beauty of the wonders will bring surprise and passion when travelling to the small country

Da Lat city

Besides, Da Lat city in dew is a dream land and a miniature city of European between highlands covered with pine forest, strawberry garden and mysterious and charming France style’s villas


One more destination which is recommended by happy Lifestyle Journal is Keo pagoda in Thai Binh province. In the pagoda, tourists can enjoy peaceful impression and see picturesque beauty of the ancient pagoda and green rice fields

2. The unique experiences in Vietnam

Foreigner tourists still can experience unforgettable things in anywhere of Vietnam. Visiting landscapes, discovering caves, seeing motorbikes carrying pigs on the streets or doing meaningful things like visiting cemetery of the heroes in the wars, you still feel interesting experiences which is not founded in anywhere else in the world.

3. To be welcomed in anywhere


Vietnamese people are very friendly, comfortable and hospitable. Foreign tourists are always welcomed by a radiant smile and all people always enthusiastically help you although they can’t speak foreign languages

Hospitability and kindness of Vietnamese people make tourists surprised such as Hue people is very elegant, Hoi An people is honest, etc.

4. Cheap travel

Vietnam was ranked the country of cheap travel compared with other countries in the world. Happy lifestyle Journal said that with the same money tourists can choose a 5-stars hotel or luxury resort in Vietnam but in New York they only can stay in a 3-stars hotel. Or if you want to save money, you can choose hostel or homestay in Vietnam with very cheap price.

5. Wonderful traditional foods

Banh mi

Subtle and various Vietnam cuisine is appreciated on famous magazines in the world. Furthermore, Vietnam chefs is called artists and is apprised by characteristic delicious foods like “fried meat roll- nem ran”, “steamed rolled rice pancake- banh Cuon”, “pho”, etc. Enjoying Vietnam traditional foods in Vietnam will fully feel the awesome tastes.

Bun Cha

6. High-grade coffee

Egg Coffee

Even though you are sitting in the streets or luxury restaurant, you can still enjoy delicious cup of coffee. Flavour of Vietnam café is very unique and various and when enjoying coffee, you will feel the most wonderful things like in your imagination. From the Northern to the Southern, each place has an own way to enjoy coffee like Hanoi is famous for egg coffee which you can’t find in anywhere in the world; Ho Chi Minh city has unique milk ice coffee

7. The country of mysterious things

Vietnam is know as  by wars and poverty but in the eyes of foreign tourist, Vietnam is still preserving natural beauty and high spiritual value. Tourist can participate in many activities like camping in the Cuc Phuong National park, diving or surfing in beautiful beaches.

Besides, you can take part in traditional festival of Vietnamese people, which is cultural beauty of every region.



Foreign tourists can only see seven interesting things in Vietnam and the posts related.