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Free tourist attractions in New York

New York is seen as one of the most expensive cities in the world, if you visit Empire State building, you have to pay 23$, Met with 18$, Guggenheim and Whitney with 12$.

Central Park

Free tourist attractions in New York

Central Park stretches on the area of 341ha in the center of Manhattan of New York. Every year, the park welcomes about 36 million visitors. This is a favorite destination of New York people and an indispensible place when travelling in New York because the services are free.

Central Park has many lakes and endless roads, moreover, the place is used to organize summer festivals “Shakespeare in park”. Besides, Central Park also has zoos, reservation garden which is residence of wild animals, large natural forest, outdoor Delacorte cinema.

Visit Brooklyn beer factory

Free tourist attractions in New York

Unite State is famous land of beer and beer drinkers. Travelling in New York, you shouldn’t miss Brooklyn beer factory, you will be tried beer in the biggest beer manufacturing factory of Manhattan, in Chelsea Brewing Company. The place also provides free tours with beers or you can come to Brooklyn beer factory to visit and enjoy.

Free New York tour to Brooklyn beer factory starts 1p.m to 5p.m on Saturday, from 1p.m to 4p.m on Sunday at 79 N 11 St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Watch comedy

A free and interesting place in New York is watching free comedy. You don’t have to pay money, you can watch free comedy in Big Apple, besides, you can listen comic in Upright Citizens Brigade and enjoy free music in knitting factory. At night of Tuesday every week, you can come to Alligator Lounge to see comedy and receive free pizza.

Outdoor swimming pool

Free tourist attractions in New York

You should go to outdoor swimming pool, the leading destination in New York. If you travel in New York in summer, the weather is very hot and humid, therefore, swimming pool is always perfect choice for tourists. In New York, there are many swimming pools opened during summer time.

Visit modern Fine Art Museum

In every Friday night, Fine Art Museum will provide free ticket at 4p.m for tourist to visit until 8p.m. Therefore, to visit Fine Art Museum, you should go early.

Walking on Brooklyn Bridge

Free tourist attractions in New York

Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful bridges in New York. The bridge was built in 1883 connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. Standing on the bridge, you can contemplate overview of New York city.

Exploring Governors Island

Free tourist attractions in New York

Governors Island is army base of United State opened free for tourists to explore. Besides public space with art and culture programs, you can take part in free golf, picnic, etc.

High Line Park

Free tourist attractions in New York

Compare as a pearl, High Line will bring the feeling like walking on a long island with many colorful flowers, fountain and amazing nature. 



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