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TRAVEL TIPS Hanoi Sunday, 30 August 2015

Guests American revealed "how to cross the street" in Hanoi

Traffic participants look like professional racers and driving technique matches with characters in the series film "Fast and Furious"

Famous journalist Llewellyn King is the creator, executive producer and host of "White House Chronicle" , a weekly news and public affairs program, airing nationwide on PBS channel. In the final days of 2014, he wrote an article to talk his comments when he arrive Hanoi, Vietnam.

Cross the street in Hanoi

 Like other foreign visitors to Hanoi, Llewellyn King is not focused on the wide, busy or architectures. Even famous Ceramic Road and culinary can't charm prissy guest. His impress is traffic in Vietnam.

Looking at the traffic, he imagine to the ants, crowd and moving chaotic way. "The only absolute rule on the roads its to keep to the right. Everything else is improvisation", the creator White House Chronicle sharing.

Not only Mr.King, other visitors come to Vietnam in the first times, they are not enough confident to enjoy the traffic on the roads. "If you want to cross the street, pluck up you courage, ask forgiveness from your Creator, and step into the maelstrom of motorized wonder, believing, as you must, that the throng of riders in Hanoi have extrasensory perception and will part" journalist American sharing.

"I sit in the back of my taxi convinced that blood will flow as I watch young and old glide by with a determination only otherwise seen in NASCAR drivers. The dance is fast and furious, the music is all New World Symphony" King joking.

Another visitor also share about a lovely memories of him when he come to Vietnam after he read the artist of Llewellyn King: "Mr King, I think when you come to Ho Chi Minh city, you will see the more jam. I came to Vietnam about 10 times, and I still scare whenever crossing. One times, a oldster held my hand and lead me to cross and smile with me anymore. It's really polite and lovely".

Description about traffic in Vietnam, King said its "one of the wonders of the world" and its like an an unscripted ballet with a cast of millions. Llewellyn King estimate the more than three million scooters on the flow every single day. He calls this "motorcycle river - a river that ebbs and rises, but never ceases".

He also focus the bicycles what has nearly disappeared, although 20 years ago when he came to Vietnam, this is the mainly vehicle of people


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