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Hanoi Bach Thao Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is seen as Hanoi’s green-lungs. This is an ideal place for people who have a passion with the nature.

The garden was built in the French colonial period. In 1980, it was more than 33ha of area which surrounded all the French mansions. There were not only available trees but also the precious ones here. In order to make it more attractive, they put a lot of circuses along the way. Hence, the Botanical Garden was also call the Zoo.

The Botanical Garden's inside
The Botanical Garden's entrance

After a long time, nowadays, the Botanical Garden is called its original name. The circuses are taken to Zoological and Botanical garden in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi has its own zoo called Thu Le Zoo. The Botanical Garden was narrowed after had been spent a part of area to build the Ba Dinh historic district. Now it has only 10ha of area which is in Ngọc Ha precinct, Ba Dinh district.

The Botanical Garden
The green Botanical Garden

The garden becomes a green haven in the central of Hanoi. It is large and peaceful enough for people to soothe there tired eyes after a stressed time. Students can come here to study about the botanic, old people go there for a ayurvedic activities, many young people express their love here. It seems like that people and the nature here have a same in their soul.

The Garden's space
The Garden's space

The meeting – hall in this is a great place for some anniversaries, such as: weeding, conference, seminar, and birthday.

People in the garden
People in the garden

The entrance is on the northern side of the park, so to get here, find Hung Vuong Street, head north, and take a left on Hoang Hoa Tham. If you’re on a bike or in a taxi you’ll need to navigate around the square ‘roundabout’ at the top of Hung Vuong. The entrance is in the middle of the park on the left.

More information:
Add: 3 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi
Tel: +84 4 3845 5114
Entrance fee: 2000 vnd/ person
If you go with a group, it’s up to how many people in your group.


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