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How to book the hotel in Japan with the cheap price

Japan is one of the countries that have the highest tourism cost. So, how to book a hotel with the lowest price?

Which area that you should choose to book hotel?

You have to choose the place you want to stay then book the hotel nearby that.

Tokyo city
Tokyo city

Choose the suitable hotel

Japan is an attractive destination so the restaurant and hotel systems are develop also, which brings visitors a lot of conveniences. There are 3 types of hotels in Japan:

The luxury: the 5-star-hotel system which has the good equipments and well decorations.

The standard: they are 3 or 4-star-hotel with classical style and modern equipments.

The cheap price hotel: the rooms here have air-conditioner, minibar, LCD…

Update promotion information

Visitors should visit the hotel’s website to get the information and book the rooms with cheapest price. You may be given some free services.

Booking at the penultimate hour

If you can book the room early, you can book it at the penultimate hour (booking at the time of the day that you stay at the hotel). You can use some smart booking apps in smart phones to book hotel easier.

Book the hotel as earliest as possible

Hotels in Japan often give the deals to the customers booking early so 60 days is the good period time for you to book hotel before you come there.

Hotel in Japan
Hotel in Japan

Bargaining the price

If you book the room in the standard or cheap hotel, it’s necessary for you to bargain to have best price.

How to get the cheapest price?

Book directly in the hotel if you take a trip yourself. However, the direct customers will be given the higher price than booking on mediate website.

Booking online: booking on some global booking online, such as, or… but they require the computer skills and visa card so you may have some difficulties.



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