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DESTINATIONS Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Italian photographer travels around Vietnam by motorbike.

Luca Bracali, a filmmaker and photographer, spent a week on travelling around Vietnam and recording for a project of “Planet Explorer”.

This 50-year-old photographer arrived in Hanoi last week to prepare for the trip. Mr. Luca is considered as a special traveler with his experiences in 136 countries and areas in the last 25 years.

In each destination, he chose a special vehicle to discover. When visiting Vietnam, he chose a Vespa – his hometown’s vehicle.

Luca Bracali - 50 years old photographer
Luca Bracali - 50 years old photographer

His trip was expected to be 10 days trip and he would visit the whole country from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city. All his trip was recorded for the seventh episode of “Planet Explorer”. The last 6 episodes were recorded in Iceland, South Africa, American, Greek, Norway, and Morocco. A cinematographer and 2 students joined in his trip.

In his Vietnam backpacker trip last year, this country attracted him. “I want to discover more about Vietnamese culture. In the first time coming here, I was very impressed with the image of the ethnic. Then I decided to come back here to take photos and show in my new exhibition. I also love Vietnamese foods so much because they are not fat and have a lot of vegetables which are good for health.” said him.

Luca was in Vietnam last year

Luca was very excited in his trip. he said: “I have travelled around the world with many kind of vehicles, such as: sleigh, air balloon, car, motor, bicycle and sledge. This time of travelling in Vietnam, I choose Vespa because it is a symbol of Italy. I think it will be very interested”.

Luca Bracali also expressed his regret when he doesn’t have enough time to discover Son Doong cave, the world’s biggest cave. He had time in Halong bay. He was very interested in Halong’s beauty. He thought that he would come back Vietnam in his third trip and discover new places like Son Doong cave.

Luca Bracali was born in 1965 at Pistoia, Italy. He started his career in 1986. He used to be sport reporter and has knowledge about many famous race such as: Motocross, Moto GP… He published 5 books and 7 photo albums.

The photographer is taking photo when seeing Aurora

In the last 25 years, Luca’s explorations in 136 countries and areas were recorded and then they all were broadcasted on TV. He also had precious photos of Aurora and polar bears.

Luca Bracali deployed the Planet Explorer project in 2011 with the aim of making a kind of multimedia on websites with real voyages. After Vietnam, Luca will go to Myanmar. This photographer’s coming plan is implementing an exhibition about the ethnic in Asia.



Italian photographer travels around Vietnam by motorbike. and the posts related.