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Korean restaurants in Ha Noi

Famous Korean restaurants with traditional Korean foods in Ha Noi

To understand culture of a country, enjoy street foods. It is the most way to feel about people and culture of a country.

Korean food is not only delicious but also beautiful. If you love cuisine culture of the beautiful country, discover famous Korean restaurant with us now.

1. Korean barbecue in hang Chinh street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

hang chĩnh

The store is quite small but clean, beautiful and attractive. It attracts more and  more customers because meat is marinated by fragrant Korean spices. So when it is grilled, gravy and lard harmonize.

We usually grilled meat with salad, adding a little of kimchi, garlic, chilli. This is wonderful cooperation and characterized Korea.

2. K-food store chain.


K-food is fastfood Korea store chain with Korea food and imported ingredients.

Besides popular Korea foods, it has great dish such as rice cake, Gogi Mandu cake, Shin Ramyun noodle.

K – food Ly Quoc Su at 41C Ly Quoc Su street – Hoan Kiem district– Ha Noi

K – food 17T3 at 17T3 Hoang Dao Thuy – Cau Giay district – Ha Noi

K – food Royal City at số 72 Nguyen Trai- Thanh Xuan district- Ha Noi

3. Kimbab House- 30A Tho Nhuom street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

tho nhuọm

You can easily find the Gimbab House with beautiful design, lovely decoration with Korea doll and nice table. Forte dish of the store is Korean seaweed and rice roll. Korean black noodle and kimchi soup attract many customers.


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