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Nam Du Kien Giang backpacking travel experience

Nam Du a pristine island that you must visit once in your life and it is also known as heaven for summer.

The best time to visit Nam Du

Nam Du is appropriate for any kind of trip but not anytime can you visit Nam Du. Rainy season in Nam Du starts from April to November. The rain is caused by storms so that it is not the time to travel to Nam Du, especially from June to August.

Nam Du Island
Nam Du Island

The best time to travel to Nam Du is from December to March in the next year, especially in February and March. At this time, the sea is beautiful and pure blue, nice weather, very suitable to visit Nam Du Island.

Means of transport to Nam Du

To visit Nam Du Island, you need to travel to Rach Gia first. You can depart from West station at 23 pm and you will reach Nam Du at 6 am then take a boat to Nam Du Island.

Means of transport to Nam Du Island
Means of transport to Nam Du Island

If you are in Hanoi, you can take a flight to Saigon and follow instruction above. Jetstar and Vietjet are two airlines with cheap price.

Boats from Rach Gia to Nam Du Island:

Ngoc Thanh (high-speed train)

  • Route: Rach Gia – Nam Du
  • Departure time: Rach Gia at 8.15 am and Nam Du at 12.15 pm.
  • Travel time: 2 hours.
  • Tel: 077 3863019 – 0918914188.

Song Hong (Helen, Goffey high-speed train)

  • Route: Rach Gia – Hon Tre – Hon Son – Nam Du
  • Departure time: Rach Gia at 8.10 am and Nam Du at 12.10 pm.
  • Travel time: 2 hours.
  • Tel: 077 3814646.

Ho Hai (normal train)

  • Route: Rach Gia – Nam Du
  • Departure time: Rach Gia at 9 am and Nam Du at 10 pm.
  • Travel time: 5 hours.
  • Tel: 077 3863019.

Hoa Hop (normal train)

  • Route: Rach Gia – Nam Du
  • Departure time: Rach Gia at 20 pm.
  • Travel time: 8 hours.

Boat and motorbike are two main means of transport on Nam Du Island. You can travel, visit islands and beaches on Nam Du by boat or motorbike.

You can rent a motorbike at your hotel. Or you can go to the harbor and ask for a boat. Remember to bargain about the price of boat and the time. You can contact to these boat’s owners:

  • Mr. Phong Vũ – 0919 138369.
  • Mr. Bảy – 0946 654037 hoặc 01692701208.
  • Mr. Ngãi – 01636977859.
  • Ms. Tư Thọ – 01664840940.
  • Mr. Sáu –  0944 899122.
  • Mr. Hai – 0164 7310277.

You should go with on boat with fishing men because it is cheaper and you also have the chance to know more about the lifestyle of them.

Accommodation on Nam Du Island

Accommodation on Nam Du
Accommodation on Nam Du

Nam Du Island is even more pristine than Co To (Quang Ninh) so there are only motels and homestay on the island. The price room is from 150,000 VND/person/night. An important thing before visiting Nam Du is booking room because there are limited motels on the island.

In case of running out of room, you ask for local people to stay, they are very friendly and willing to help you. Or you can bring tent with you and have a camp party. Bai Dau beach is the most suitable to camp. The price of hiring space is 30,000 VND/person, tent renting is 40,000 VND/set.

A cheap way to stay on Nam Du
A cheap way to stay on Nam Du

Some cheap, high-quality motels on Nam Du Island:

Toan Thanh motel

  • Address: Bai Gieng, An Son commune, Kien Hai, Kien Giang.
  • Price: with air-conditioner, single room is 350,000 VND, twin room is 450,000 VND. With fan, single room is 200,000 VND, twin room is 350,000 VND.
  • Near beach, balcony, food service from 65,000 to 120,000 VND (seafood). There are coral reef boat seeing and motorbike renting services.
  • Tel: 0945 095 229 - 0932 847 997.

Hai Thuy motel

  • Address: Cu Tron village, An Son commune, Kien Hai district.
  • Price: 350,000 VND/single room, 450,000 VND/twin room.
  • Near market with services such as: motorbike renting, explore tour and food service.
  • Tel: 0773 830 710 - 0125.817 7709.
    Hai Thuy motel
    Hai Thuy motel

Huynh Hua motel

  • Address: 54 Cu Tron, An Son.
  • Price: 200 – 350,000 VND with air-conditioner.
  • Food service, boat renting and explore tour.
  • Tel: 0919 115543 – 077 3830709.

Trung Ngan motel

  • Address: Bai Chet, An Son.
  • Tel: 0949 828273 – 077 3830707.

Kim Yen motel

  • Address: An Son commune, Kien Hai district.
  • Tel: 0939 486262.

Places to visit on Nam Du

Nam Du Kien Giang backpacking travel experience

Nam Du Island has a lot of attractions, if you have limited time, don’t forget to these destinations:

  • Visiting islands: Hon Lon, Hon Dau, Hon Nom, Hon Mau, Hon Ngang, Hon Son, Hon Hai Bo Dap, Bai Ngu, Bai Chuong. You can hire a boat to visit those islands.
  • Destinations on land: Nam Du lighthouse, Ma Thien Lanh hill, military zone on Hon Lon Peak…

Nam Du’s cuisine

Specialties of Nam Du are blue bone fish grilled with banana, oyster grilled with spring onion, squid steamed with ginger, fish sour soup…

Nam Du's specialties
Nam Du's specialties

And these are some addresses for you to enjoy specialties of Nam Du:

  • Bai Chet restaurant: near ferry harbor, serves breakfast with rice, noodle, vermicelli…
  • Ms. Nam restaurant: serves breakfast like Bai Chet restaurant. You can book for dinner because not many people have dinner on the island, dishes are not available.
  • Nam Nuong restaurant: all kinds of Nam Du’s cuisine.

If you don’t like served food, you can buy ingredients and ask them to cook for you because seafood of Nam Du is very cheap, you can also catch seafood by yourself. You only need to pay for cooking.



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