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Niagara Falls paradise destination

You 'll not be able to resist the mysterious, majesty and charm of Niagara if you arrive Canada or America. The beauty of border between Canada and America makes you not be able to leave off.

Niagara Falls is waterfall on Niagra River in North America, the natural international border is so beautiful between America and Canada. Both sides of border have Niagara Falls city of each country. Niagara Falls is the world's second largest waterfall after Victoria Falls in South Africa. On the America side, Niagara Falls City located in the New York state and on the Canada side is in the Ontario province. Niagara Falls has three separate parts: 

- Horseshoe Falls, its other name is Canada Falls because it located mostly on the Canada side and is the most beautiful and majestic waterfall with 792m wide and 53m hight. 

- Next to American Falls is smaller.

- And other small waterfall is Bridal Veil Falls. It 's also on the America side.

Travel to Niagara Falls, you don't need to apply visa from Canada to America or vice versa, only thing you need that is a ticket to step on the historic boat is named "Maid of the Mist". This boat just runs from May to October every year and takes visitors enjoy at the foot of the three waterfalls. Because safe reason so each day "Maid of the Mist" just carry number of guests with regulation. So, most tourists choose to walk around if they can't buy ticket.

Love paradise

Niagara Falls attract by majesty and charm all day and night. The beauty of Niagara Falls changes with seasons. Most tourists choose to walk around and bask both listening and seeing. Every year, Niagara Falls welcome more than 20 millions tourists, brings a lot of economic benefits.

Niagara Falls is the place for couples commonly arrive to add the romance in the autumn. Especially, in the autumn, Niagara normally appear rainbow on the top of falls. Niagara is beautiful all the seasons. The couples normally choose this place for honeymoon. Niagara is known as honeymoon capital of the world, not Hawaii, Paris or Venice.

Niagara Falls also attracts tourists by huge entertainment complex such as: Skylon tower, Minolta tower, geological museum, Niagara Falls museum, park, business center, Niagara casino...This place is ready to serve entertainment, relax for everyone



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