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SHOPPING Hanoi Friday, 21 August 2015

Nosh shops in five famous markets in Ha Noi

Thailand sweet soup in Nam Dong market, “banh goi”, “banh gio” in Nghia Tan market become famous nosh in the residential. The famous market contribute to cuisine culture of Ha Noi.

 1. Nam Dong market

chè thái
Thailand sweet soup

With the variety of sweet soups such as Thailand sweet soup, grapefruit sweet soup, taro sweet soup which is appreciated by young people, Nam Dong market (Dong Da district) have more and more nosh, “nem thinh”, “nom bo kho”, “nem cuon” and so on. The market attract customers in every afternoon.

The price of sweet soup is 15,000VND to 25,000VND

“Nem ran” is 30,000VND

2. Nghia Tan market

bánh gối nghĩa tân
Banh goi in Nghia Tan market

This is called “heaven of cheap nosh” in Cau giay district with the number of delicious nosh. “ Banh Goi” ( 8,000VND/ one piece), “Banh Gio” ( 10,000VND/one piece), balut egg with wormwood ( 8,000VND) are the most favourite nosh. In the evening, “nem ran”, fish vermicelli, fried meat roll shops also attract more and more customers.

3. Dong Xuan market

bún ốc chợ đồng xuân
Snail vermecille soup 

Foreigners like discovering the market because of not only various goods but also famous Ha Noi food on travel forum. The most famous dish is snail vermicelli soup (30,000VND-40,000VND/ one set), vermicelli and grilled chopped meat ( 30,000VND/ one set), fried salty cake (3,000VND/ one cake) and sweet soup( 10,000VND-15,000VND/ one set).

4. Thanh Cong market

cháo trai thành cong
Clam rice porridge

Besides famous clam rice porridge, Thanh Cong market( Dong Da district) also have more and more nosh for students but also young people to enjoy. Spicy crab and vermicelli, vermicelli mix, “bun moc” is 25,000VND/ one set.

There are corn, baked potato in the outside market with the price of 6,000VND/ one corn.

5. Ngo Si Lien market

bánh giò
Banh gio in Ngo Si Lien Market

Ngo Si Lien is interesting cuisine market in Ba Dinh district. In the early morning, the sound of beef vermicelli shops, “bun thang” shops, vermicelli and grilled chopped shops lively emerges. And the afternoon, there are “banh gio”, “quay”, “banh troi tau” and many other attractive nosh and its price is reasonable.


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