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TRAVEL TIPS America Saturday, 04 February 2017

Notes for your first trip in United State of America

Travelling America is dream of many peoples with the hope to explore and experience the amazing beauty of the country.

Notes for your first trip in United State of America

Travel in America with many interesting places

Travelling in America, you not only visit famous cities and capital like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. but also contemplate charming towns and enchanted beaches.

Rent private car to transfer

In other countries, public traffic is seen as the best way for tourists. However, it is totally opposite in America. Therefore, to transfer comfortably in America, you should rent a car with the price of 20$/ day.

You shouldn’t smoke

US ban on smoking in public places and there are no separate rooms for smokers. Therefore, when travelling in the country, you shouldn’t smoke, especially in public places

Prepare health insurance

In USA, the people are taken care by Obamacare service, however, tourists don’t be applied the service. Therefore, when travelling in a country with the leading crime rate as the United States, you should buy travel insurance.

Be careful of police

US police are empowered to crack down on crime and who are sensitive to behavior they suspect. Therefore, when facing to police, you should show respect to them.

Notes for your first trip in United State of America

Americans are extremely punctual

Americans extremely taboo with the late, everything has to be on time. If you intend to or have appointment with local people, try to come early and on time, in case of unexpected late arrival, you should alert them.

Stay away from politics

If you hear someone say something about politics, it is true. And Americans themselves are also quite extreme with political views they pursue. So when going on the streets, ignore politics. And do not mention this sensitive issue with the natives to avoid getting trouble.

Difference between the states

If you travel along the country, you will see clear difference between states. The people in each place have different hobby, feeling, voice and taste. 



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