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DESTINATIONS Friday, 28 August 2015

Pu Ta Leng - High mountain challenge backpackers in vacation of New Year

Pu Ta Leng is a mountain in Vietnam, at 3.049 metres, just behind Fansipan moutain (3.143m), Pu Ta Leng of Lai Chau province is dubbed "the Second Roof of Indochina"

Pu Ta Leng located in the Hoang Lien Son moutain range, Ta Leng, Phong Tho, Lai Chau province. To climb the mountain, you have to arrive Ho Thau, Lai Chau province, then go to with local guide. 
First day, almost going along streams to go upstream. There are a lot of rise stones and small streams. This is a ideal place for rest.
The trails through the bamboo forest
You will feel happy when arrive the top of Pu Ta Leng mountain, successfully reaches "the Second Roof of Indochina". Around lands covered by trees. If you want to see far away to take photographs or sightseeing, you have to climb up the top of trees
The high mountains look like the islands are among cloud ocean at 3.049 metres.
Layers on layers white cloud between blue sky and green forest look like a cake
Way back is beautiful. Sometime, you can see small tent of local people who plant cardamom in forest
To get to Pu Ta Leng, only way take a bus to go Lai Chau from Hanoi at My Dinh bus staion. Usually, there are many buses at 8h pm every single day. The buses have bed that cost about 300.000vnd/person
Suggestion: start from Ho Thau, first day, trying to climb up to 2.422 metres point, then leave a few stuff unnecessary and rest overnight at here. Second day, climb up to 3.045 metres and turn back old point 2.422m to rest overnight. Third day, start to go dowm toward Ta Leng, then you can come back Hanoi


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