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SEE Thursday, 20 October 2016

Repatriation – Two nationalities

If your friends or relatives are overseas Vietnamese and they are planning to come back to Vietnam to live or work and they don’t know much about the procedure, this article will help you a lot.

Repatriation – Two nationalities

Procedure to apply for repatriation:

-  ID + Certificate of birth + Passport supplied by Vietnam before being naturalize in foreign countries

-  Guaranty application of relative

-  3 4x6 photos

-  ID and family record book of Vietnamese relative

-  Certificate of relationship between guarantee and the one who is guaranteed

-  Documents that can prove the ability to ensure life after repatriation

Note: In case of having Vietnamese nationality and foreign passport, you need to have a certificate of citizenship registration of overseas Vietnam representative office. In case of repatriation guaranteed by Vietnam office, you need to shop the guarantee form of the guarantee office.

Those are documents needed to apply for repatriation. In some cases, if there is any change, we will keep you posted.



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