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DESTINATIONS Thursday, 10 September 2015

Son Doong cave is ranked on the “Points must come once in a lifetime” list

Huffington Post recently announces “ top ten destination must come once in a lifetime” list, in which Son Doong cave, Vietnam is ranked the fifth level.

1. Aurora Borealis in Northern Ireland


Miraculous and glistening lights at Northern Lights on the sky of Ireland attract both domestic and foreign tourists. You can go to the place alone or with friends to contemplate the surreal beauty

2. Discovering the islands in Greek


Navagio white sand beach or Shipwreck Beach, is an isolated sandy cove on Zakynthos island and one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Greece. Tourists can participate in many interesting activities such as wallowing clear blue water, sunbathing on white sands, watching sheer limestone cliffs next to the sea or driving to the top of mountain to see the overview of the bay

3. Discovering the cave under the water in Yucatan peninsula, Mexico


Yucatan peninsula in south-eastern Mexico was taken shape by two cave strips , Sac Actun and nohoch Nah Chich. The two cave strips was connected to create a underground river system with the height of 154,783 metres. When travelling Yacatan, tourists will see the beauty of shallow caves, moreover, you will be dived in the most beautiful place in the world.

4. Walking on the giant mirror in Bolivia


Salar de Uyuni is impressive destination for tourists to contemplate colourful beauty of salt flats in Bolivia. When having the sunshine, the place is like giant mirror of the sky.

5. Exploring the biggest cave in Vietnam


Only 6 years ago, no one couldn’t discover Son Doong cave, however, now this place is not only the biggest cave in the world but also “precious pearl” for Quang Binh’s tourism sector. Son Dong is interesting destination for the people who like adventuring, exploring and conquering the nature.

6. Watching charming landscape in Reine fishing village of Norway


Reine is a small fishing village in Lofoten island of Norway. This is an ideal destination for the people who love peace, romance and life experience with local people.

7. Travel to the Southern of the United States


If in your opinion, cuisine is culture of a country, come to the southern of the US. Besides attractive sight in the states, the place will be ideal choice for the people who love cuisine culture

8. Experiencing in your own way in Italy


Italy is famous for charming destinations. Try to enjoy and experience in your own way to discover cuisine, travel in secret islands and explore the large grape fields in Italy

9. Driving on the Great Ocean road of Australia


Great Ocean is one of the most beautiful coastline ways in the world. With the length of 243 kilometres, it stretches north-eastern coastline of Australia. The wonderful sites are Twelve Apostles, limestone rock cliffs, wild animals which will be ideal landscape of tourists

10. Wallowing in heaven of island and sea in Caribe


St Vincent archipelago and Grenadines archipelago include marvellous and pristine islands. Magnificent mountains,  prominent volcanoes  and beach with unique black sand, small bays, colourful reefs will bring enjoyable feeling for tourists.



Son Doong cave is ranked on the “Points must come once in a lifetime” list and the posts related.