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DESTINATIONS Son Doong Cave Thursday, 27 August 2015

Son Doong Cave was compared with dinosaur’s world

So amazing cave! Son Doong Cave is ranked list "Places like Jurassic World film" by CnTraveller, as well as Readwood National Park, American and archipelago Galapagos in Ecuador

With the area called “watch out dinosaurs!”, Son Doong Cave, Redwood national park in USA and Galapagos archipelago in Ecuador were voted to the list of destinations which have scene like Jurassic World film’s scene by Cn Traveller


 Son Doong cave, Vietnam

With 9km of length, this is the biggest cave in the world. It located on Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park, in Quang Binh provice. Son Doong has diverdified botany system and wonderful stalagmite system.  Cn Traveller called it "underground church". It likes a reminder that there are many highlight place in the world that are watting for people come and discover.


Fiordland national park, Newzeland

This is the scene of many films in which has "The Lord of the ring". The image of moutains and ice-lakes appear a lot of time. Coming here you can walk into the forest and waterfalls or visit Te Anau cave which has 12.000 years of age.


Redwood national park, Califonia, USA

This virgin forest is famous for the biggest red ceders in all over the world. They are 5 times as high as the Statue of Liberty.The 2.000 years old trees make scenary look like in the ancient time. Redwood national park like a natural cathedral with many branches nest into each other and coniferous vegetation speard over ground. You will feel you are so small when standing at that large and silent space.


Galapagos archipelago and Amazone forest in Ecuador

This place famous for Galapagos turtles which it's size are nearly equal to a car. Far from Ecuador beach about 1.00km, the archipelago includes 21 vocano islands and only 5 of them have residences. You can continuously discover Ecuador by plane, train and a canoe to go to Amazone. When setting your step in the forest, you will see a very different world. There are tours with direction to come close Caymans at night. At that time, you will see the red eyes flash at the dark and huge insects at the daytime.


Kipu Kai, Hawaii, USA

Most of "Jura park" scenes in the first episode was taken in Kipu Kai. This old island has many high mountain tops, white sand beach and fresh tropical forest. It's scenary like prehistoric age. Vistors can walk around, see Waimea Canyon State park from helicopter and take perfect selfile photo on Wailua waterfall. 


 Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

Thanks to suitable climate, Isla del Coco has a eldritch beauty. The manager of Costa Rica is the only one residence in the island. With diversified ecosystem, it becomes a ideal distination for people who like diving. However, the cost is quite high, so there are only 3.200 trips are implemented each year.

The diversity of ecosystem can be seen on the beach with calamus forest which is the only in the East of Pacific Ocean. 


Sneak Island, Sao Paolo, Brazil

It is far from Sao Paolo more than 140km, IIha de Quemada Grande is one of the most dangerous island in th world. There  are many snakes here, almost them are golden lancehead vipers. Because they live lonely in the island, they have to learn the way to hunt in branches and space. Their venom is so strong that quarries can be died absolutely. Hence, Brazil government ban people to go to this island.


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