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ATTRACTIONS Ha Long Bay Friday, 02 December 2016

Summer in Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is widely known as a World Heritage Site and a must-come beauty spot in Vietnam. It is famous for not only marvelous sceneries but also a lot of interesting activities to do

Ha Long is one of 4 provinces of Quang Ninh which is far from Ha Noi 4-hour driving. In previous days, most of people thought that coming to this city meant visiting Ha Long Bay. But nowadays, Ha Long will surprise you with a lot of interesting amusement centers.

Summer in Ha Long

Queen cable car

Queen cable car is one of the main points of Ha Long Ocean park. This construction was officially completed in 25th June, 2016.

Summer in Ha Long

This special cable car system was designed with 2 cabins can accommodate up to 230 passengers/cabin. This is the cable car system crosses Cua Luc Bay connecting Bai Chay with Ba Dao (Hon Gai – Ha Long city). Queen cable car will be a famous attractions of Ha Long in the near future.

Summer in Ha Long

Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel is also one of the main points of Sun World Ha Long Park. This construction is available at the same time with Queen cable car.

Summer in Ha Long

Sun Wheel 215m high from the sea level is on the peak of Ba Deo Mount and built with Japan technology. It has 64 cabins with frequency of 20 minutes/round and capacity of 1.200 passengers/hour. From the cabin, tourists will have the chance to contemplate the whole scene of Ha Long Bay and Ha Long city. This is the opportunity for you to see Ha Long from another angle.

Summer in Ha Long

Especially, after Sun Wheel, don’t forget to visit wax museum at the foot of Sun Wheel.

Summer in Ha Long

Bai Chay Beach

If you visit Bai Chay in recent years, you must be astonished by the change of this beach. Instead of dirty sea water as in the previous days, Bai Chay has been beach with clean pure water of the sea.

Summer in Ha Long

Bai Chay is impressive with stretching white sand embracing Ha Long Bay and blue sea water. Besides, the new beach is inclined about 10 degrees which is appropriate for relaxing and swimming.

Summer in Ha Long

Along with the new beach are services like pure water bathing, tent renting, motorbike parking… with reasonable prices.

Moreover, Bai Chay Beach is also equipped with convenient services: free wifi, team building zone and fast food.

Poem Mount

Poem Mount is one of the most famous destinations with foreigners. The name was given to this mountain in 1468 by King Le Thanh Tong when he stopped here, contemplated the scene and sculptured a poem on the mountain.

Summer in Ha Long

This is the ideal place for you to enjoy the whole scene of Ha Long from above. It only takes about 30 minutes to conquer this 200m high mountain. The perfect time to climb this mountain is in early morning when you can also enjoy sunrise or in late afternoon to enjoy sunset.

Summer in Ha Long


Means of transport

From Ha Noi, you can depart from My Dinh or Luong Yen station by coach to Ha Long with the price of 80,000 VND/person/way.


Coming to Ha Long, you can stay in motels or hotels near Bai Chay Beach with the price from 300,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND.

Or you can stay in hotels near Hon Gai with cheaper price, about 250-500,000 VND/room.


Visiting Ha Long, you can’t miss seafood here such as squid, shrimp, crab… you can eat in ration or in restaurant. Remember to ask for the price before buying. Or you can choose restaurants near Hon Gai to save more money.

Ticket price of Queen cable car and Sun Wheel

Adult: 300,000 VND.

Children 100cm-130cm: 200,000 VND.

Free for children under 100cm.



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