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Tam Dao travel guide

Tam Dao,a town of Vinh Phuc province, is an ideal destination where is favourite by many Northerners. With 1000m high, Tam Dao has a cool weather in all around year like Da Lat and Sa Pa

Tam Dao travel guide

Tam Dao, a town of Vinh Phuc province, is an ideal destination where is favourite by many Northerners. With 1000m high, Tam Dao has a cool weather in all around year like Da Lat and Sa Pa. In addition, the quite close distance from Hanoi, just 70km, has made it become attractive place for Hanoi people in weekends and holidays.

Attractions in Tam Dao

1. Van Pagoda

Tam Dao travel guide

The full name is Tam Dao Tinh Vien Van Son, was buily in 2009. The distance is 9km from Tam Dao town, on the route from Hanoi- Tam Dao. The pagoda has very beautiful view, you can also take overnight at here, very nice.

2. Telecommunication tower

Tam Dao travel guide

Telecommunication, 93km high, is located on the peal of Thiên Nhi mountain- 1400km high. Way up to mountain is quite hard but romantic with many kinds of flower: Orchid, Cuc quy and many other wildflowers.

3. Sliver waterfall (Thac Bac)

Tam Dao travel guide

Sliver waterfall, 50m high, is the most beautiful waterfall in Tam Dao. To get the fall, from Tam Dao town, you have to go along a trail, down to a deep valley. In the end, you will see the waterfall hiding in mountain.

4. Rung Rinh peak

Tam Dao travel guide

Rung Rinh peal is an ideal destination for adventures. At here, the nature is beautiful like fairy: many gigantic trees which are covered by orchids and moss, birds chirping in all day, majestic mountain. Further, you can see Tam Dao- 2 where was an ideal resort of French near 1 century ago but now, it just remains a place where has beauty of the wild and lonely.

5. Tam Dao ancient church

Tam Dao travel guide

Tam Dao ancient church was built in 1937 by French. This is one of many structures that French was built. However, in the war, most of structures were destroyed, the church is only structure has been intact for now. This is very interesting site with nice view, standing at here, you can see all of Tam Dao nature.

6. Public pool

Public pool is located at halfway up the mountain, very romantic. The water is very clean, you should bath in noon or early afternoon, the water is very cold in morning and evening. The pool is picked as relaxing place by many tourists.

7. Sky Gate

To get there, from Tam Dao you fo straight to the church of French, then turn left and just go straight. Standing on the Sky Gate, you will see the panorama and strange beauty of Tam Dao town hiding in sea of cloud.

8. Thuong Ngan princess temple

Tam Dao travel guide

Thuong Ngan princess temple has many beauty to visit (You have to wear courteous clothes when coming into the temple). When arriving garden statues, I was very surprised by statues of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat were hiding in mist.

9. Stroll around the town

Evening is best time, from 6pm, fog will cover the town, scene will be very romantic and fanciful.

Famous specialties of Tam Dao

1. Chayote (Su su)


Chayote is the most famous specialty of Tam Dao, you can see this specie at everywhere. They cover large area on mountainsides, at front of houses, in 2 sides of road into the town. Chayote at here is always green and has good resistance. People never use pesticides so they’re very clean and tasty.

Chayote can be cooked into many dishes: chayote tops are fried with beef or garlic; the fruit can be boiled and eaten with sesame or fish sauce- chilli.

2. Hill chicken

Tam Dao travel guide

Hill chicken is fed manually so the meat is solid and very tasty. Hill chicken can be cooked into many dishes: fried with salt, stewed and baked.

3. Man pig (lợn mán)

Tam Dao travel guide

Man pig is also fed manually so very tasty meat. If you travel big group, about 10 people, you can book 1 pig from 6- 8kg with price about $15 for 1 kg. From 1 pig, they will cook into all dishes as possible: fried, stewed and baked. They can also organize for your group a campfire party.

Few tips when travelling Tam Dao

Foods in Tam Dao are quite expensive so you should carry some fast foods, drink water for snacks.

Preparing a hair dryer and mini flat iron because Tam Dao’s weather is usually very wet, especially when having mist.

Preparing drugs fully



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