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EAT & DRINK Hanoi Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thai Phien - Le Dai Hanh coffee street

Introdution about Thai Phien - Le Dai Hanh coffee street and coffee culture of Ha Noi people.

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Different from the peace of Trieu Viet Vuong, Thai Phien/ Le Dai Hanh is favourite place of officers. In fact, they don’t have time to enjoy coffee, they only take advantage of time in the early morning or  short lunch break, only around 20 minutes or 30 minutes everyday. But the coffee shops bring a free and convenient feeling to customers. if you want to see nice clothes, you can sit at Thai Phien corner where you can look at Vincom shopping centre. Otherwise you Sit Le Dai Hanh corner to see pliant walls instead of high building. With the officers, , the coffee make them feel refresh and have power to work after stressful working hours.

cafe le dai hanh

Vu Thuy


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