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ATTRACTIONS Cao Bang Tuesday, 07 February 2017

Thang Hẹn Lake – a new attraction of Cao Bang

Pac Bo monument, Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave… are famous attractions of Vietnam Northwest. But little does anyone know, Thang Hen Lake is also charming with its own beauty.

Thang Hen Lake is located in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district, Cao Bang city about 30km along Highway 205. With the height of 1,500 – 1,700m from sea level, Thang Hen Lake is one of highest natural lakes on mountains of Vietnam and voted to be one of 10 most charming lakes of Vietnam.

Thang Hẹn Lake – a new attraction of Cao Bang

Attractive Thang Hen

Thang Hen complex has 36 natural lakes far from each other couples or hundreds of meters. Each lake has its own embankment but all of them are connected by underground caves. These 36 lakes lie in a huge valley abutting Quoc Toan (Tra Linh) and Ngu Lao (Hoa An) commune. All of them were named in dialect: Thang Vat, Na Ma, Thang Loong, Thang Hoi… from hundreds of years. Thang Hen is the biggest one of them.

Thang Hen Lake is surrounded by forests and rocks. Thang Hen means “bee’s tail” because if you see it from above, it looks a lot like a bee’s tail. Actually, Thang Hen is rhombus, 100-400m wide, 500-1,200m long according to each season. The upstream is a large cave waters all the time. Especially, Thang Hen Lake has 2 wave times a day, up and down.

Another factor makes Thang Hen attractive is beautiful natural scene in 4 seasons. When spring comes, wild flowers begin to blossom. In summer, when the water is full, the lake surface is 400m wide and 1,200 long. Occasionally, in this season, while any other lake has red water color, Thang Hen Lake is still stably green in the middle of the forest. In autumn and winter, the water is less, the deepest spot is only 5mm deep but the scene is so amazing. The lake surface is like a giant mirror or a big pearl in the forest.

Thang Hen Lake has a cliff which is 5-30m deep with plenty of hundred-year-old rare timber trees, orchids and wild animals.

Enjoying with Thang Hen

Beautiful natural scenes of mountains, forests, valleys and rocks are the best things of this lake.

Starting from morning when there are clouds surrounding around mountains, you will see Thang Hen is so beautiful in the magical mist layer. At the bound are grass carpets with pink, purple and white color of wild flowers. When the sun goes up, the sun shines down Thang Hen Lake makes the lake become sparkling. Faraway are simple pretty houses on stilt. Immersing yourself in that atmosphere will make you comfortable, peaceful and relaxed. You can visit Thang Hen Cave or go for a walk around the lake, enjoy the fresh air and learn more about the local culture.

Don’t forget to try specialties here. Many tourists like the feeling of fishing by themselves at Thang Hen Lake and they can enjoy the fish they caught.

It would be a memorable experience if you stay here overnight. By the fire camp, dances and songs, enjoy dishes like grilled chicken, grilled pork. Especially, it will be more interesting if you try the taste of corn wine brewed in traditional way of Tay ethnic.



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