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SEE Son Doong Cave Thursday, 27 August 2015

The beauty of Son Doong Cave on newpaper foreign

Many reputable websites such as National Geographic, Telegraph.. introduced Son Doong Cave to the world with beautiful pictures and monumental

13/5, Good Morning America program of American live broadcast about Son Doong - largest cave of Vietnam and the world. Photo: Telegraph
When arrived here, film department overwhelmed by majestic beauty and charming in the cave. Even woman MC of program, Ginger Zee, exclaimed that she lost in diffirent world outside the earth. Photo: Telegraph
However, the world have known appearance of masterpiece nature not only when Good Morning America make fims about it. Photo: National Geographic
Earlier, a number of website foreign such as National Geographic, Telegraphic came here and introduced beautiful pictures and monumental of Son Doong Cave. Photo: Telegraph
Son Doong Cave located in Son Trach, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh provincial. This is largest nature cave in the world, belong with Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park. This is also a part of underground system connecting more than 150 caves other in Vietnam, nearly border of Laos. Photo: National Geographic
New York Times newspaper of American ranked Son Dooang at 8th on list "Places to go in 2014". Photo: Telegraph.
First person of Vietnam to discover this place is Ho Khanh in 1990
Nearly 2 century later, Ho khanh come back here with British explorer Howard Limbert. Photo: Telegraph
By 2009, Ho Khang, mr Limbert and experts cave team from England discover Son Doong, and at the same time, they announced this is largest cave in the world after one year
"Really difficult to find out Son Doong, the first time I come in here, all of us were too ecstatic. This cave is not only large but it 's also very beautiful" Mr Limbert emphasis when to tell about Son Doong. Photo: National Geographic
According to Good Morning America program, the cave is high enough to contain a building 80 floors and can fit two Boeing 747. Photo: Telegraph
Usually, who discovered cave first will be named for that cave. First, Ho Khanh took his name to named for cave. Then he changed and his choice is Son Doong, because Doong is name of small village where is road into cave. Son Doong also means mountain behind Doong village
Currently, Quang Binh provincial delivery a travel company to exploit discovery tours in the cave. Cost of a trip 5 days 4 nights is about 64 million vnd


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