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The most beautiful autumn of cities in the world

When the autumn is coming, contemplate cities which have the most beautiful autumn according to the choice of Places to See magazine

The autumn is the season of romance with charming pictures of nature. Discover the autumn to have unforgettable pictures

Vilnius (Lithuania)

autumn 1

Lithuania is a peaceful country. Vulnius capital of Lithuania is not attractive destination in the winter and summer, but in the autumn it is really wonderful destination for tourists. The peace harmonizes with romantic landscape making Vulnius become an amazing stop in September and October. Tourists can see forests with red colour and yellow colour of leaf, moreover, you will watch swans in the lake.

Gorbea Natural Park ( Basque, Spain)

autumn 2

That Gorbea Natural park is strictly protected gathers waterfalls and romantic trees. Adventurers can walk and see colourful trees, besides you can climb the mountain and discover unique plants. The most romantic landscape of Gorbea is very the autumn

Daigo-ji (Kyoto, Japan)

autumn 3

In the autumn, sceneries of pretty Japan become poetic, but Daigo-ji is still the most romantic area. The colourful streets and temples located under trees create a striking picture and a romantic beauty in Daigo-ji

Ashi lake ( Haknoe, Japan)

autumn 4

Located next to the mouth of famous Fuji mountain, Ashi lake puts on showy clothes of around trees. Tourist come here not only to shower hot water but also watch charming view of Ashi. Specially, you can contemplate Fuji mountain, the symbol of Japan.

Skye ( Scotland)

autumn 5

The main factor making Skye become a hot destination in the autumn is ideal climate. Besides flowers with sexy deep colours, Skye is famous for rock cliffs with fantastic shapes. The autumn of Skye becomes unique with harmony of trees, flowers and rocks.

New Hampshire (the US)

autumn 6

The autumn in New Hampshire is very beautiful like a picture. Colourful trees make meadows and roads become more dreamy. New Hampshire is picturesque with various houses. In New Hampshire, the most favourite experience is boating on the lake to watch the romantic scenes.

Maramures (Romania)

autumn 7

Maramures is a land of legends and in the winter, it is mystic and cool. But in the autumn, Maramures becomes unusually romantic when pretty small houses harmonize with colourful trees and flowers. All is wonderful like a picture

Seoranksan national park, Korea

autumn 8

Like Japan, Korea is also ideal destination in the autumn and Seoraksan park is the most attractive point in Korea. Seoraksan has the highest mountain in Korea and deep red colour of maple leaf forest in the autumn. Walking in the autumn forests to enjoy romantic and comfortable feeling is the most favourite experience of tourists when travelling Seoraksan.

Central park ( New York, the US)

autumn 9

Central park is located between skyscrapers in New York, one of the most industrial cities in the world. Established in 1857, the park is becoming the most impressive destination in the world. In the park, the autumn is very strange because of roads covered yellow leaf, colourful trees and cool breezes. There are tens of millions of visitors to the park every year. Central park is the top choice of filmmakers with



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