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The most primitive beaches in Vietnam

Ky Co, Cu Lao Thu, Ganh Son, Tho Chau are the names that people love exploring Vietnam beaches are excited because of its charming beauty and its primitiveness

1. Tu Nham beach

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Tu Nham located on Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau district, Phu Yen province- to 1A national highway about 7 kilometres. Its length is 8 kilometres and the beach has bow-shape with two heading are two “mace” : Vinh Hoa mountain( south) and Ong Dien’s nose mountain.

2. Bai Mon beach

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Bai mon located in Dong Be village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. Its length is only 500 metres, but it was listed on national landscape. This is place having the earliest day in Vietnam. Overhead is Dai Lanh lighthouse with fantastic range of mountains. This is wonderful place to camping on the beach.

3. Ky Co beach

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Ky Co beach is located on the foot of Phuong Mai Mountain in Nhon Ly peninsula of Quy Nhon city. The beach has poetic and magnificent beauty with clear blue water.

4. Ly Son island

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Ly Son previously known as Cu Lao Re, is a district in Quang Ngai province, of the South Central Coast of Vietnam. The district covers approximately 9,97 kilometres square of land, on two off-shore volcanic islands in the East Sea, and a few islets. Recently more and more tourists interested in Ly Son, but it preserves pristine beauty.

5. Hon Nua island

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Located on boundary of Khanh Hoa province and Phu Yen province, Hon Nua is shaped dinosaur. The beach is small but clear blue and peaceful and ideal for camping and group activities.

6. Cu Lao Cau

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Cu Lao Cau, Cu Lao Cau, Hon Cau are islands of Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province and it is 110 kilometres far from Phan Thiets city. On the island there are many pretty rock cliffs creating single spaces.

7. Lang Van beach

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Làng Vân Beach is one of those hidden gems near Da Nang city left to discover. When you find your way down after a tricky descent from the Hai Van Mountain you arrive at the second of 3 beaches forming a large bay with on the 3rd beach Làng Vân village. If you are up for a small adventure you can walk to the end of the last beach passing Làng Vân village to crossing one of the Hai Van mountain spurs through a small lush valley, where a path will bring you the a fourth beach on the other side of the Lang Van Bay. 

8. Mui Dinh beach

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Mui Dinh beach locates on Son Hai village, Phuong Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province. It is less than 40 kilometres far from Phan Rang. Mui Dinh beach has Mui Dinh lighthouse which is often place to avoid storm of boats

9. Ganh Son island

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Locating on Chi Cong commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, Gianh Son islands has mountains with different colourful shapes. Red colour of rock, blue colour of sea water seem to be harmonized making a surreal beauty

10. Phu Quy island

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Phu Quy Island is located about 120km from Phan Thiet City to the east in Binh Thuan Province. Covering over 17km 2 with great potential, the island is considered the political, economic and cultural centre of the island district of Phu Quy. Seen from the sea from different directions, the island looks like a floating city with interesting shapes, such as a dragon, a codfish or a giant whale swimming in the deep blue ocean.

11. Tho Chu island

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 There are numerous amazing things travellers should discover in the authentic Tho Chu archipelago off south-western Vietnam.

Tho Chu, an archipelago with eight islands, is a commune of Phu Quoc District, which is in turn an island off Kien Giang Province.

The archipelago, however, has not been frequented by tourists despite its wild and natural beauties. To reach Tho Chu, visitors have to take a 16-hour boat trip which departs every five days. The boat stops over at Phu Quoc Island for one night.

12. Hon Bay Canh beach

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 As the 2nd largest island in the Con Dao islands, Hon Bay Canh with fascinating beaches, rich flora and fauna system in the Con Dao National Park, out- standing with the endemics, specially turtles

13. Cay Men beach

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Cay Men beach locates Nam Du island, Kien Giang with attractive beauty of pretty coconuts.  



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