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EAT & DRINK Friday, 21 August 2015

The similarities and differences in culinary arts between Vietnam and Korea

Now a day, Vietnamese and Korean culinary become more and more popular in Vietnam, delicious Korean food are requiring much more. We will show you the similarities and differences between them...

Culinary arts is each area specific point, it shows eat and drink habits and each one’s nutrition requirements. Area’s geographic and climate also effect to eat and drink style of every people in the world. We can know about a country’s culture and tradition by the color and taste of the dishes.


 The similarities in culinary art between the two countries.

They also Asia countries so in family meals have to appear rice, the white limber and sweet rice. According to ancient people, anything can be replaced but nothing can replace rice in their meals.


 Another can be lacked in each meal is vegetables. According to culinary point, there are differences in culinary culture between Vietnam and Korea but they are still have vegetables, meat and rice in their meals.


 Therefore,  fats rate is very low in the two countriesthe . This culinary style dept into Vietnamese and Korean people’s subconscious.

The differences in culinary arts between the Vietnamese and Korean

Vietnamese people mainly eat rice and this often is white rice in popular Korean’s mixed rice.


 Vietnamese food is mixed together but the Koreans eat each of them. In Vietnam, fish sauce is used in almost dishes; when eating, a cup of fish sauce jointly used. Meanwhile, Korean culinary appropriates many kinds of soy sauce, chili sauce, sour mixed sauce….

The Vietnamese rarely separately eat each dish, a meal is dishes synchronization but if we have a chance to go to a Korean restaurant, you will be dazzled with an abundance of dish on the table.


 About presenting, Korean food is sophisticatedly cooked and subtle decorated. However, Vietnamese culinary art notices to how to make food delicious.

That are some points about the similarities and differences in eat and drink style of the Vietnamese and Korean, the two Asia countries with the two outstanding culture. If you want to try Korean food, you can go to Korean restaurants in Hanoi.


Van Anh


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