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Top 10 beautiful natural lakes on the top of mountains

These lakes has beautiful landscape and more noticable, all of them are taller thousands metres than level sea.

10. Damavand Pool, Iran

Damavand Nasa

Damavand Pool is a natural pool on the top of Damavand mountain, a volcano that’s said to have magical powers in the “Shahnameh”. It is described as "dome of the world".

Damavand Pool sits 5650m above sea level in the summit crater of the mountain. Most of the year it is frozen, but sometimes melts during the summer to form an icy pool. It’s a rare sight, due to its height and frozen nature most of the year round.

9. Poquentica Lake, Bolivia/Chile


This is a spectacularly beautiful lake on border of Bolivia and Chile. Poquentica Lake sits 5750m above sea level and on the summit of an extinct volcano. It’s mostly frozen and the surrounding terrain is full of crystals.

The SETI team explored the lake in 2005 and it is considered as "a geologist’s wonderland".

8. Ridonglabo Lake, Tibet

Ridonglabo is a mysterious lake in Tibet, it sits 5801m above sea level, and only 14km away from Mount Everest

7. Aguas Calientes Pool, Chile

Aguas Calientes is formed on the summit of an extinct volcano, it sits at the top of the Cerro Aguas Calientes in theAntofagasta region of Chile. It’s 5,831m above sea level but unlike Ridonglabo, it has been explored by climbers and, along with the neighboring volcanoes, it is a popular attraction for mountaineers. It is also sometimes known as Simbad.

6. Lake Licancabur, Bolivia/Chile

This is another lake on border of Bolivia and Chile, but the lake is entirely in the Chilean side, around a kilometer from the border. Lake Licancabur lies a few hundred miles south from Poquentica and its altitude is 5,916m. This lake was explored by the SETI team. Its width is 70-100m and with a depth of 8m.

5. Acamarachi Pool, Chile

Chile continues to be country has many beautiful lakes in the world. One of the neighboring volcanoes to Cerro Aguas Calientes, although it’s pretty small at just 10-15m diameter but its height is impressive 5950m. Like Licancabur it’s a place of significance to archaeologists as it was an Inca sanctuary, and Inca artefacts have been found there. It is not the most exciting pool for swimmers, but definitely one for historians.

4. East Rongbuk Pool, Tibet

Another Tibetan lake, this is a seasonal pool that appears whenever the snow melts. It is named after the East Rongbuk Glacier, which is one of the glaciers that contribute to it. This is the 4th highest lake in the world , at 6100m.

3. Changtse Pool, Tibet

Changtse Pool has a height of 6216m above sea level. Little is known about it, but it appears on topological maps and is said to be 180m by 230m. The Changtse Peak is linked to Mount Everest and was explored by George Mallory’s ill-fated expedition in 1924 from which he did not return.

2. Lhagba Pool, Tibet

Lhagba Pool sits at 6358m above sea level, Lhagba Pool is the highest lake of Himalaya. It is located on the slopes of Everest, around 6km north of the summit and 3km east. Little is known about the pool, but it is said to be 180m by 50m at its widest and longest points.

1. Nevado Ojos del Salado, Argentina

Nevados Ojos del Salado

This is the highest lake in the world, at 6390m above sea level. But the lake is quite small crater lake, with a diameter of only 100m and a depth of 10m. It doesn’t even have its own name, just taking the name of the volcano it sits upon Ojos del Salado, or “The Eyes of Salty Water” in English. It is not entirely dormant, having had some recent volcanic activity such as sulfuric gases and vapors leaking out.



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