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ATTRACTIONS Da Lat Thursday, 08 December 2016

Top 3 recommended destinations in Vietnam when winter comes

Yellow season in the Northwest, floating season in the West and leaves-falling season in Da Lat are the most recommended destinations when winter comes in Vietnam.

Yellow season in the Northwest of Vietnam

Top 3 recommended destinations in Vietnam when winter comes

At the end of pouring water season, the terraced fields in the Northwest turn into yellow color. Following Khau Pha Pass, you will see the beauty of Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le, La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha on the 30km road. You will have the chance to visit Nghia Lo and enjoy the cuisine here, 5-color sticky rice of Thai ethic and Suoi Giang ecotourism. Muong Lo is a place that you can try a lot of specialties like dried buffalo meat, dried pork, smoked meat, black banh chung, Tu Le sticky rice…

Not only exploring the Northwest of Vietnam, you can also explore Hanoi by visit West Lake by electric car, West Lake Citadel, enjoy coffee on boat and shrimp cake…

Floating season in the West of Vietnam

Top 3 recommended destinations in Vietnam when winter comes

Not only the rice season in the West but this place also remains the special culture of the South of Vietnam, especially floating season. The upstream pours down to Tien River, Hau River and bring fish, shrimp and alluvial to the rivers. Floating season nowadays has become a strange thing with Vietnam Western people. It only appears in the lowland. If you want to feel how this season is, An Giang province is the ideal place to learn more about the land with mysterious legends of That Son land, Thien Cam Son or Cam Mount. Coming here, you also have the chance to visit Lam Vien Nui Cam Chau Doc resort, travel by cable car to Great Buddha Pagoda, Maitreya Buddha and Thuy Liem Lake.

An Giang is also famous for Tra Su melaleuca forest where you can feel the melaleuca taste in the air, the fish sound in the water. Especially, you should try fish sauce hot pot, fish soup to enjoy the whole of floating season.

This journey is also a way to sacred place. Tourists will have the chance to visit Ba Chua Xu Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau Mausoleum – the general on Nguyen Dynasty. Goodbye An Giang don’t forget to visit Chau Doc market which is famous for fish sauce.

Leaves-falling season in Da Lat

Top 3 recommended destinations in Vietnam when winter comes

Da Lat has been familiar with tourists for a long time. Da Lat is beautiful with pine forests, Dambri, Dasara and Daton waterfall. Besides, there destinations attracting tourists: sculpture tunnel, love valley, Domaine de Marie Church…

The most impressive experience in winter in Da Lat is sitting on boat and contemplating Tuyen Lam lake, going for a walk in maple tree forest. You can also visit pretty strawberry garden.

If you want something really old, a train from Da Lat station to Trai Mat is the best choice. The final destination of this trip is Linh Phuoc Pagoda, as known as Ve Chai Pagoda.  If you want to enjoy the specialties of Da Lat, come to Da Lat market.



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