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TRAVEL TIPS Italy Wednesday, 04 January 2017

Travel tips for your trip in Venice, Italy

Venice is a wonderful destination for lover couple and even alone travellers. The most romantic and peaceful city in Europe is very attractive and pretty at the first sight

The best time to travel in Venice, Italy

Travel tips for your trip in Venice, Italy

If spring and autumn is the best time to travel in Italy, Rome is totally different. Spring and autumn is the time Venice will be immersed in water because of heavy rain lasting in 6 months, especially around October to the end of February. Therefore, summer is high season for tourism in Venice, However, if you want to experience the feeling to drink coffee in water sea or go around the city by boat, come to Venice in the rainy season.

The best time to travel in Venice is from March to May. Or you can also come to Venice in winter with mysterious beautiful of winter.

Transportation in Venice

Travel tips for your trip in Venice, Italy

One of the most special things to make Venice as the most peaceful and beautiful city is  walking and going by boat or ferry which are the only two means in Venice.

Therefore, after landing at Marco Polo airport, you should come to Santa Lucia station (the west of Venice) to goby water bus, water taxi or gondola to go to Venice. You must go by gondola once because it is symbol of water in Venice. However, the price to rent gondoa is quite expensive.

Beside water transportation, you can walk around to visit and explore every corner, architecture and shop of Venice.

lHotel in Venice, Italy

In Venice, there are many kinds of hotel from cheap price to expensive price, so up to you demand and budget, you can choose suitable hotel for your trip.

The best way to guarantee for the quality of the hotel is you should check and book online on online site like,, etc.

Tourist attractions in Venice

Piazza San Marco square

Travel tips for your trip in Venice, Italy

Church and museum are the most famous free tourist attractions in Venice. You cannot miss the ancient beauty of San Marco church in Piazza San Marco square. You can also climb to Campanile di San Marco bell tower to contemplate the charming, magnificent and ancient beauty of Venice.

Dodge’s Palace

Travel tips for your trip in Venice, Italy

In Dodge’s Palace, you can explore Secret Itinerary, Casanova prison and famous bridge of sighs.

Rialto bridge and Rialto market are famous tourist attractions in Venice. Rialto bridge is a romantic symbol of Venice and Rialto market is cheap- price shopping place in Venice, especially fresh seafood.

Explore Venice and Venice river by water transportation

Burano Island and Murano are the most famous tourist attractions in Venice with colorful houses. Especially, you also has chance to visit island of glass manufacturing in Murano.

Delicious foods in Venice

Fresh seafood and foods with Eastern taste are must- try dishes. In which, Cutterfish in black ink sauce, seafood spaghetti and Sprizt are indispensible dishes when travelling in Venice.

Besides, you cannot miss local cuisine of Venice like traditional Pasta, cakes and traditional drinks, Do Mori wine, Amarone, Bardolino, etc.

Cheap- price shopping places in Venice

Souvenir shops and markets in Venice has cheap- price items with traditional and unique style. You can come to those places to buy favorite goods:

Atelier Marega shop to buy clothes and handmade masks

Fanny shop to buy accessories and colorful gloves

Francis Model shop to buy leather items, especially leather bags

Venetia Studium to buy beautiful silk.



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