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Trekking travel experience in Vietnam

Trekking has been popular these days. In Vietnam, trekking has been developed in recent 4 or 5 years.

According to comments of Vietnamese and foreigners, Vietnam topography and climate are extremely suitable for trekking, improve health and spirit.

Trekking travel experience in Vietnam

Trekking travel means that you have to walk with your luggage on your back through forests, mountains and villages. The road to explore doesn’t exist in the map and this will bring trekkers the feeling of conquering.

Trekking cost very little but it offers trekkers carefulness about plan, food, clothes… before beginning the journey.

Trekking travel experience in Vietnam

Things should be brought

-  Warm clothes, wading boots, sport shoes and raincoat. Trekkers should wear water-proof long –sleeve clothes.

-  Coats must have plenty of pockets, high-quality and water-proof backpack.

-  Medicines needed, snicker candy (energy supply) and Vaseline to avoid chapped lips.

-  Dried food: bread, canned food, shrimp paste and instant noodles.

-  Bring condoms with you. Condoms can be tied to stop bleeding, water-proof case for your phone.

Trekking travel experience in Vietnam


-  A normal person can walk 12-15km in one day. According to that information, trekkers should plan carefully for your route in case of unexpected problems.

-  Watch weather forecast to prepare things needed. Bring introduction paper with you if you trek in border zone or conservation areas.

-  Keep close in case of getting lost or having troubles.

-  Don’t put off your backpack when taking rest, you can lean on your backpack.

-  You should spend the night in the local people’s houses or sleep in tent near local people’s houses. You can also ask for lunch or dinner.

-  You should make tent before it gets dark. The tent must be near water supply and keep the fire burn.

-  Talk to the local people to know more about the climate and topography.

-  Be careful with passes and dangerous roads.



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