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DESTINATIONS Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vietnam is top destination of single travellers

Vietnam is voted on the most suitable destinations for single travellers by Business Insider. Vietnam is not only friendly and safe city for women travellers but also attractive beauty of nature.

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Vietnam is appreciated as a friendly country for women travellers in Asia. Vietnam has many big cities like Ho Chi Minh city which is always safe and bustling. Besides, tourists will be interested in famous markets like Ben Thanh Market or Dong Xuan market.

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New Zealand is top destination for adventurers. You can participate in adventurous sport games like bungee, yacht, biking and climbing the mountain.

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Fjords of Norway attract tourists by beautiful landscapes. Besides, the country is very safe for single tourists because crime and murder rate is low.

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The view of Swiss makes tourists surprised. Although it is small country, public transportation is very clean and effective. This is wonderful point to attract more and more tourists to Swiss. Swiss has many sexy cities like Zurich, Lucerne for shopping and enjoying delicious foods.

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Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful lands in Italy. It has the variety of coastal village, which is painted bright colours and meandering roads under the cliffs. Life’s pace of Cinque Terre is quite slow therefore it is suitable destination for self- discovery

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Some people advice that the best way to experience Ubud, bali, Indonesia is single travel. You will contemplate landscapes like terraces and sacred monkey forest. Ubud is also one of the most famous address about spa.

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In Algarve, the southern of Portugal has Lagos town which is quite famous for wonderful seas and magnificent caves. If you don’t like sunbathing, you can discover streets and shops. In these places, you can easily meet single travellers.

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Kyoto, Japan is recently listed on the top destination by tourists on Travel+ Leisure magazine. The old capital with over 1000 years old has many beautiful temple, pagoda and park to discover.

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 Siem Reap city of Cambodia is the most attracting tourists destination in the world.- Angkor temples. The destination is voted on the top level by Lonely Planet in 2015. Angkor is wonderful destination which you should visit here to experience and find out the culture.

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Costa Rica is the first level about happy index which show that the local people has happy, long and sustainable life. Besides, Costa Rica is ideal destination to have interesting adventures with water sports, zipline race, or walk through the famous forest, Cloud Forrest.




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