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EAT & DRINK Saturday, 22 August 2015

Vietnam stands at the world’s top culinary list

In recent days, CNN announced top 8 influent emergent culinary in the world and Vietnam stand at this.

CNN said that using vegetables, herbs, seafood combine with replacing oil by water cooking technique is the most outstanding point in Vietnamese culinary arts. Recently, Vietnamese bread (banh mi Vietnam) made a hot trend of street culinary art in all over the world and becomes the most favourite  Vietnamese food. Besides, rolled noodle, fried chopped fish and grilled chicken feet are also delicious dishes.

Vietnamese rolled noodle

 Vietnam food has charmed many people. A lot of tourists cross a very long way to try that such delicious food.

The food is traditionally prepared with natural herbs that is good for people’s healthy. In reality, Vietnamese traditional spices, such as: coriandrum sativum, mint, cinnamon, chili… were used as preventing and curing people. They help against disease-causing inflammation  in the body.

That Vietnam stands at the world’s top culinary list expresses its position in over the world.

Excepting Vietnam, other 7 countries listed to the top including: Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Korea, China, Iran and Israel.

anh 2_vyay
Philippines food is variety and abundant of spices as well as color . Excepting, the dish come from the West that outstanding is Spanish food to make a feel that's really don't forget with traveller
anh 3_iipu
Both of Burritos traditonal to  meat chili sauce, originality combine of spices and color is interesting to make Mexico food is very attrative
anh 5_fwxg
In Seoul, the restaurant 's chef Jungsik Yim stood 10th in top 50 best Asian restaurants, famous with beef Carpaccio
anh 4_oaav
Peruvian cuisine have private originality because of combine between difirent cuisine country like as Spanish, Japan, China, Africa...
anh 7_dpdh
Iran cuisine is interallied of many difirent cuision, including Middle East and Europe. There is reason that Iran food is colorful. Iran cuisine has 2 types, one is cooked dish without vegetables and one is live dish include nuts, vegatebles, spices. When eatting, guest can mix two things together that become "mix" dish
anh 6_fexe
China country is very big with a lot of foods is delicious for traveller. With variety savour of dumplings types tea and spices that is interesting you first when you come here
anh 8_neup
Israel cuisine today is mix between a lot of culinary cultures

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