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SEE Son Doong Cave Friday, 28 August 2015

Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave in 360-degree images.

Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, has been featured in astounding 360-degree images in an audio-visual multi project. The images show natural and magnificent beauty of Son Doong Cave.


In the opening of 360-degree photoreportage is a river leading to Son Doong. It is the largest cave in the world and belongs to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The distance from Hanoi to there is 500 kilometres and next to the border of Laos.


The cave was discovered by Ho Khanh, a local man 20 years ago, only recently explored in 2009 by British Cave Research Association, cave has only been open to the public since 2013. Stalagmite rises like a long castle with the height of 50 metres.


This is a large river and across Son Doong Cave. In the rain season, water level highly rise, which makes it  difficult to visit  to Son Doong Cave.


You are standing in the stalagmite named “hand of the dog” with the height of 70 metres which was founded for a long time. A Boeing 747 can fly in the area.


Look at statuesque stalactites hanging from the ceiling. That makes the difference between Son Doong anh other caves. The light penetrates the ceiling which vegetation produces and develops.


Knowing the exactly age of Son Doong cave is difficult. The cave system was founded long time ago. And underground river created wonderful limestone inside.


Scientists estimate that the cave was founded in Plioncene geological period or the end of Miocene era. That means Son Doong is 2-5 million years old.


This is area based between two sinkholdes  with fossil and gourd water.


They is founded by water melting from the ceiling


The explorers call the area is Phytokarst limestone field and the erosion make the field seem to lead the sunshine.


More closing to the sunshine, vegetation is more and more extended. Ferns incline 90-degree to the sunshine.


 Founded in 2009 but until now the less scientists and adventurers have chance to explore Son Doong cave because of the limitation of the number of visitor.



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