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DESTINATIONS Moc Chau Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Warmly welcome to love market and Vietnam’s independence day on Moc Chau highland

Moc Chau highland is ideal destination with love market of the H'Mong people and Independence festival on 2nd September- Vietnam National Day.

If you are wondering where ideal place you should travel on 2nd September holiday- National Day of Vietnam, a trip to Moc Chau to welcome Independence Day with Mong people is an interesting suggestion.

As for the H’Mong people on Moc Chau highland ( Son La), there are two important festivals every year, traditional Tet and Independence Tet, 2nd September.

 According to the old people in here, Independence Tet of Mong people started from 1950’s of the past century to express their gratitude to the party, Ho Chi Minh president and the government who bring freedom and independence for Vietnamese people and H’Mong people in particular.

In the holiday, all H’Mong people regardless of age, sex, wealth eagerly focus on centre of district to participate Independence festival. In order to participate in the festival, they have prepared and chosen the most nice and colourful clothes.


The festival always happens from 31st August to 2nd September, but the most merry day is 1st September. Specially, the love market in Moc Chau is organised on 1st September, which the people hope. They come here not to purchase goods, but to make a date, to express their love and to play together after long hard-working days.

Although some days in love market are not enough, they are encouraged to make full their effort in life. And naturally, love market becomes special culture to the H’Mong people and tourists.

In the recent years, Independence Festival also is a chance for Vietnam tourists and foreigners coming to Moc Chau. In here, they can enjoy clean and fresh air and wallow with lively atmosphere in the festival.

Moc Chau district also has many activities to promote tourism and attract more tourists to Moc Chau such as cooperating with tourist information centres to open tours. Tourist can visit Uncle Ho’s monument, visit soldier and people on Moc Chau Farm and come to Moc Ly, Doi cave, Dai Yem waterfall, etc.

Tourists not only see ethnic beauty in traditional clothes but also discover and take part in unique culture activities. Besides, there are many traditional games like pounding rice cake, cooking rice, throwing “con”, going by “kha kheo”, etc.

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The most special activity in 2015 Independence day is art program on the night of 1st September with pyrotechnics to welcome 70th year celebration of the August Revolution and National day in the Socialist Republic of  Vietnam.

Moreover, the 2015 culture festival of ethnic groups at Moc Chau also has many special programs as Moc Chau logo creation competition, Moc Chau trvel gift, Moc Chau’s photo. The programs will bring memorable experiences to tourists.


Vu Thuy


Warmly welcome to love market and Vietnam’s independence day on Moc Chau highland and the posts related.