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EAT & DRINK Saturday, 29 August 2015

What makes Vietnamese food so delicious?

There are many questions about what makes Vietnamese food so delicious? Let’s find the answer.

1. Talk about Vietnamese food, we have to talk about the vailability of great ingredients.

The Mekong delta is incredibly fertile, allowing for a great variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. to be grown throughout the year. This, in turn, facilitates the raising of great meat animals (cows, pigs, etc.). Add to that the proximity to freshwater and the ocean, which gives Vietnam a great variety of seafood, and it's difficult to think of any ingredient that can't be grown or sourced in Vietnam.

Vietnamese seafood
Vietnamese seafood

2. Multicultural history.

For much of its history, Vietnam has been colonized by two countries that just happen to boast arguably the greatest cuisines in the world: France and China. Vietnamese cuisine absorbed a significant positive influence from some of the most highly refined French cuisine, expressed in such features as enormously complex flavors in the broth used in Phở and noodle soups, and in the use of pates and sausages.

Vietnamese pho
Vietnamese pho

3. Multiculture country

Vietnamese culture and cuisine also benefited from the presence of multiple religious and ethnic communities. 

a special
Colorful gleam, a special food of ethnic people

4. The nutrition

 Vietnamese food is very nutritious in terms that it has vegetables that are cooked just perfectly. You also have the special spices and herbs to go with the food as well such as star anise, cloves, and cinnamon.

spring rolls

Van Anh


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